{ WIN } With Elana Afrika Breedenkamp and Happy Event!

I can hardly believe it’s been almost a month since the arrival of our newest little member to the family! Welcoming a little one can make time seem to stand still and blaze past all at the same time. While we’re all still obsessed with the tiny fingers and tiny toes…and still completely besotted with the new born smell and new born cuddles…and the new mom is still preoccupied with tired eyes from the around the clock feeding – baby has been growing and changing and adapting to the world around him; which includes all round smothering of love from his family members! He is also slowly starting to outgrow his new born wardrobe, and before we know it, he will be cracking his first smile.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a momentous time and a life altering journey in any woman’s life. It is a period of immense joy and excitement as your body shifts and alters to accommodate miracle growing within…and then goes through a similar process of rapid change once the baby is born. Between myself and my three sisters – and the nine pregnancies between us  spanning more than 20 years – the Happy Event range has always been a part of our journey to motherhood and beyond!

And the new brand ambassador for the Happy Event brand, media personality Elana Afrika Bredenkamp, agrees! Having had her own positive experience using the brand during both her pregnancies, she is the first celebrity to be associated with the brand; and to celebrate this recent expansion of the Happy Event brand – as well as our family’s expansion with a new little arrival – we’re spoiling one lucky reader with a Happy Event hamper! It’s been a trusted brand amongst expectant moms for 50 years – and we’re can’t think of any other brand to take the next  generation of our family through the joyous journey towards motherhood.


The Prize Includes:

  • Happy Event Lotion 200 ml Pump
  • Happy Event Fragrance Free 200 ml Pump
  • Happy Event Cream 125 ml Tube.

(All to the value of R680)

All you have to do in order to win is:

Leave a comment on this blog post or under the link on my Facebook page and tell me what you think the best part of pregnancy OR motherhood is. Competition closes on Wednesday 23/05 and the Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Thursday 24/05.


Good Luck!






  1. The best part of motherhood for me. Was to be blessed with another baby after 6 years. To hold that that bundle of joy and love it unconditionally.

  2. Truthfully the best part of pregnancy for me was having a little extra in the cleavage department it for some reason just made me happier with all three my pregnancies hahahaaa…. that aside on a more serious not I was very inexperienced with my daughter and she was bottle fed so when I finally managed to get it right with my son it was just magic. There’s just something so intimate and magical about it!

    • I can agree with the extra cleavage part LOL. So glad you got to experience the magic of breastfeeding <3

  3. The best thing about pregnancy is feeling those little flutters for the first time which later turn into karate kicks… Having lost babies, being pregnant itself was just a blessing which I thank Allah for all the time.

    • That certainly is one of the best parts of pregnancy. All the lost babies will be your ticket to Jannah Insha Allah. May Allah reward you for your sacrifice, patience and trust in His plan <3

  4. My favourite parts of pregnancy is falling pregnant after trying to fall pregnant for four years and feeling my little girl respond and kick when i speak to her. It is the most amazing experience

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