School Holiday Vlog

About two months ago, my cell phone got stolen. I was out with my mom early on a Sunday morning and the next thing I knew my phone was gone. It’s a tragic story actually – how quickly, easily and unknowingly you can be robbed of your possessions; but anyway, after the initial shock and anguish of losing my phone and being out of touch with what everyone was getting up to over the weekend (because…no social media access) – along with the trauma of losing all my contacts and other important information – what I was really sad about was losing all of my videos and photos. All my precious memories…GONE!
Lucky for me, about a week or so before this incident, I was trying to create some more space on my phone, so instead of deleting pictures, I transferred a lot (but not all) of  them from my phone to my laptop. But this whole incident just got me thinking…
I have lost so much footage over the years, a lot of cute and adorable moments while the kids were growing up because I was negligent with the process of archiving them properly. I either lost a phone or got a new one and didn’t back up and save all my media at the time and now the moments are gone. I figured that I could be doing a better job of saving all the random little moments and making them into home videos for the kids to look back on one day.
Initially, I started making these videos as a way to document our family vacation that we took earlier this year, and since I’m doing a lot of the preserving on this blog already, I thought I’d add some of these videos here as well. They’re not fancy or super creative or anything, but if you’re keen to follow along, you can check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel over here  !
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