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I don’t know if it’s a sign of old age, but I’ve become a lot more conscious of my health and wellness. Having two back to back pregnancies in my early twenties made me feel like I aged ten years in the space of two and just as I started to finally emerge from the woods, I had a third…all before I even entered my thirties!! Seeing my mom struggle with diabetes (she was diagnosed in her forties) has made me want to fight my genetics a little bit harder!  I’ve realised that the repercussions of what we put our bodies through now will come to haunt and affect us later on in life! Thus began my plight for a healthier (not necessarily skinnier) lifestyle.

The first step to a healthier lifestyle, is understanding how our bodies work and educating ourselves is key when wanting to improve the way our bodies function. If you’re like me and always looking for ways to improve your health and wellness, then I highly recommend attending  POMEGRANATE  EVENTS Wellness Wednesday coffee mornings that takes place at the Blue Biscuit in Claremont. It’s a women’s only event, aimed at inspiring women, helping us learn new things and have fun while doing it!

A far cry from Scallywags, The Blue Biscuit has a calm and tranquil setting

The themes of these mornings always centres around health and wellness with very informative talks by various health professionals and experts. No two event are the same so there is always something new to learn!  I was invited to the first event as a guest of Pilates instructor Salmah Bayat and was blown away, also absorbing so much knowledge from the talk given by Dr Leila Sadien (an Integrative and Aesthetic GP) … but the events also include beauty and style segments by professionals in their field and starts off with some gentle exercise (yoga or Pilates) by qualified instructors. There’s also a beauty technician on standby to see to any beauty requirements (waxing, threading, massages and facials). Really something for everyone!

This is a perfect platform for small businesses wanting to promote and market their brand. The recent event I attended saw stunning displays by two brands that are very dear to me and I dragged Rushda from Rube’s closet with me to offer my support to them! ZIBA STYLES is an online based store that specialises in absolutely stunning an unique accessory pieces at extremely affordable prices, as well as a selection of hand picked garments that are in line with the latest international trends! You will find ZIBA on Facebook as well as Instagram  ( @zibastyles ) for all the latest additions to their range. If you are keen on viewing these fabulous pieces, there is an agent in Cape Town and you can contact her for viewing times ( Salmah 079 457 3305 )

Gorgeous statement pieces from Ziba!
This stunning shoulder chain is also on sale from Ziba and can be dressed up in countless ways!

How stunning is this display!!

Also on display was the Spring/Summer range from designer Ayshah Allie, who has her own clothing label. The Human Image Fashion and lifestyle is a brand designed to add luxury to a woman’s wardrobe by using the highest quality natural fabrics such as cotton and silks. The collection is made of locally made garments as well as exclusive imported once offs to fit all shapes and sizes. I can personally vouch for the quality as the garments I have purchased from Ayshah has literally serviced me for years!!

( Image: My own)

The delicious snacks are all provided by the Blue biscuit (They also cater for private parties and functions)…and I absolutely loved the homemade berry smoothies (and those yummy juices from the first event) made by Pomegranate events themselves!

Presentation is everything…


 The next event takes place on the 29 October at the Blue Biscuit (which used to be Scallywags) and will be focusing on Cancer awareness. If you would like to attend the event, or even promote your brand at any of the upcoming events, the please contact lamees@pomegranate-events.co.za  . You can also be kept up to date with future events by liking the Pomegranate Events Facebook page…I will leave you with a few more pictures of the last event to give you an idea of what happens at these exciting mornings!  All photo’s were taken by Lamise Inglis Media.

TIBB & Cupping Practitioner Dr. Rehana gave us a very informative talk about her field! Really walked away learning so much…

SH’ZEN products were also on show
Hijaab Styling by Fatima Khan Wise (From MeMrsMe blog)

Rebel Funk Jewellery also on sale

There’s also some giveaways up for grabs…Plus everyone walks away with a small Goodie Bag
 Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you at the next event!

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