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Hi! I’m Namreen, a 30 something mom of 2 teens, and an 8 year old. My blog is partially about my parenting journey and a very big part about family – the whole, happy, Indian lot of them. A memoir of sorts as I navigate through life.

My blog is a combination of all my favourite things I guess. It’s often deep and insightful, explores my relationship with my family – which focuses on my relationships and bond with my own siblings and parents, as well as my husband and kids – and highlights life lessons as I learn them. Sometimes I touch on beauty, food and fashion – even some old Bollywood inspired style sprinkled in for good measure, and in try and articulate it all with my passion for pouring my thoughts out in words…but mostly it is a message for my children, in the hopes that they would one day stumble upon it and by chance take the time to read. Hopefully, through this online time capsule, I will still be able to impart my wisdoms to them even after I am long gone.

Eid, birthday messages, travel, marriage, parenting…whatever is in my heart, you’ll most surely find me writing about it here.

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