Blog turns 1 !!

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It’s officially a year since I started this blog. Started sharing my ramblings and pouring my heart out onto the screen. It really has been a labour of love for me! Combining all the things closest to my heart and forging a little space in cyber world where I can share all my moments and lessons with so many people…a slowly growing community!
 It is easy to get lost in this blogging world…to lose your footing and move with the stream. But sometimes moving with the stream means losing your own unique voice! Sometimes we have to swim a quieter path in order to be true to who we are. This blog, though not grandiose, has allowed me to do something I love and has given me the confidence to tell my story…in my OWN way.
After some consideration I decided to forego the customary Blog Birthday giveaway that has become quite a popular way to celebrate. This blog has never been anything but a journey of words…a love for a craft and an exploration of a passion. I have sincerely enjoyed this artistry of words and appreciate all the avenues it has led me to and doors it has opened. Mostly, I enjoy being able to share it with so many people…spanning so many countries and continents and leave behind little pieces of me for my kids to look back on some day.
 I have nothing more to offer than my words…My journey…Where it leads me and what I learn along the way. I am hoping it is enough to keep my readership. To keep you coming back to visit from time to time…and hopefully, to grow. I am hoping; asking really; that if you find yourself perusing my blog and by chance like what you read, to please give my Facebook page a like (here), subscribe via email, or follow on Bloglovin…in the hopes of allowing my audience to grow a little more and give me a chance to live out my dream.
Thanks to all of you who constantly read, like, comment and share my posts. I am beyond grateful to you all, for a blog is nothing really, without an audience that reads…
Here’s to another year of blogging. Of sharing my little adventures and making new friends along the way!

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