The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig

Remember the good old days when it was safe to play outside? Remember the time, when we’d rush through our chores just so we could go out and play…and we kept out of our mother’s hair…and we didn’t really require her for our entertainment? When we used to cycle outside for hours on end with the neighbourhood kids…and the house stayed clean… and we only ever went inside when we heard the athaan (call to prayer) and to eat (and at the end of the day to go bath and to sleep) ? Remember the time…when we were those carefree kids and not the stressed out parents!!!  Aaaah…how I long for those days! And as nostalgic as all that sounds, it’s not exactly for the reasons you may think. The school holiday is starting today, and the prospect of having my name bellowed out constantly is making me feel rather anxious!

Times have changed, and though it may no longer be safe enough to leave your kids to play outside without supervision…and the kids don’t do their chores with speed and enthusiasm…and the house doesn’t always stay clean…and sometimes we have to be more involved than our ancestors and predecessors – when does the holiday end again?- all is not lost and there is still some respite for us mothers! 

If you’re finding the prospect of being cooped up with the kids a little daunting, then rest assured, I have an inexpensive solution for you. While biking up and down the street might not be a visible option for everyone, there is a way to make sure their bicycles don’t gather dust altogether. There is a way to get the kids excited about getting outdoors and cycling again…there is a way to get them out of your hair and it’s totally amazing and so much fun that YOU would want to join in and get jumbled up in THEIR hair for a change…WIN!!!

The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig is the brainchild of Chris Nixon; former Downhill World Champion; and was designed with the ideal of honing one’s bike handling skills. The bike park features a variety of pump tracks and is a great place for people of all ages and varying skill levels. It boasts beginner jump lines all the way to expert drop offs and a suspension sky bridge that tracks the canopy of the trees; providing hours and hours, and lap after lap of adrenalin boosting fun!

The Bike Park is open 7 days a week, from as early as 8am, up until 6:30pm …which means  hours of outdoor fun, which in turn equals tired kids and the promise of a clean house on return ;-). It’s also the perfect meeting place for friends. Bring along a picnic basket and a blanket; or you could visit the adjoining coffee shop and restaurant; and enjoy the view and tranquillity of the Winelands while the kids use up all their energy! Plus it’s safe, supervised and fun! There’s also the option of the Bike Barn, which is a perfect hideout if you’ve decided to  be a spectator and also doubles up as a pitstop for cyclists with bike repair services on site!

Whether you decide to sit it out and observe the surroundings  from a safe distance, or whether you’re brave enough to join in the fun; The Bike Park is certain to become a family favourite and a regular feature on your family’s agenda. Friendly and helpful staff, reasonably priced, an awesome riding experience and spectacular views, makes it a winning combination that will keep me going back over and over again!

What you need to know:
Entry Fee : R50 entry free and you have access to The Bike Park for the entire day.
No charge for spectators: You are welcome to watch your kids take on the track free of charge!
Suitable ages: 3 and up. There’s more than enough space for young ones, without deterring the adventurous spirit of a more seasoned cyclist.
Parties : There’s a party area beside the track, making it an ideal venue for a party.
Bikes : Bring your own or rent a bike. The cost of the outing will go up if you decide to rent and there’s also a 2 hour limit to a rented bike…which is ample, but also good to keep in mind.
Eatables: There are things available, but you’re more than welcome to bring things along if you’re going to make a day of it.
Bookings : Not necessary except for parties.

The Bike Park staff looks forward to welcoming you this holiday!

You can also watch our YouTube Video by following the link below

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