My Sister’s Baby Shower – Morning Tea at the One & Only


I thought I still had time to write this post before the baby decides to make his entrance, but my new nephew had other plans and sent me into an emotional spin with his grand arrival. It’s been an exciting 2 weeks for our family…we’ve welcomed another baby boy into our unit and our hearts! And even though we’ve come to the end of one journey and the beginning of another; this blog wouldn’t be complete without documenting the full journey; so I’m doing a quick recap on the baby shower.

Pregnancy is a momentous time and a life altering journey in any woman’s life. It is a period of immense joy and excitement as your body shifts and alters to accommodate miracle growing within. It’s a journey taken primarily by the mother…but when you’re part of a large unit like us, then that happiness and joy and eager anticipation transcends to everyone! And when big life moments happens in our larger than life family…then we do what we do best, never mind how busy life is  – we celebrate!

Now, we usually plan and execute everything ourselves with parties like these ( like I did with Moon way back in 2015), but with life’s current hectic stride, us sisters decided to up our game and do something different for a change – Moon prides herself on her Moonbug events hashtag after all – so we decided to host our day of pampering and celebration in the form of a Morning Tea.

The Venue

With views of Table Mountain and Devils peak, and overlooking the Marina; The One & Only provided the perfect backdrop for our morning of celebration. It was both tranquil and picturesque, and proved to be a perfectly apt way to shake off the shackles of the busy week – laugh, unwind and have fun while celebrating the mom to be. We opted to have a Morning Tea as opposed to the Afternoon Tea option; and the place was not overly packed so we had the Vista Longe & Bar practically to ourselves. The lounging area was both modern and luxurious, and I can’t think of any other way to celebrate in the future!

The Menu

A part of me missed getting creative in the kitchen like I usually do; but a part of me also enjoyed having nothing to prepare for a change. By excluding the chaos that goes into prepping and hosting a party; we were all able to truly relax and enjoy the moment at hand. The biggest worry when going to venues like these, is the Halal factor. But the morning tea menu catered to our needs and gave us the freedom to eat without worry and hesitance. On offer was a tiered savoury stand filled a variety of delectable treats that got topped up as often as it got depleted, a selection of hot drinks, and a table filled with an array of sweet treats that made me call in a “cheat day”!


A Family Affair

The children and aunt relationships in our family is very special and unique. As maternal aunts, we really do take on the roles of mothers to all the kids, and even though a baby shower is traditionally an all ladies affair; for us, the baby shower is a family’s first opportunity to gather the people together  who will help play an important part in their child’s life. And in our unit, that includes all the children!

It was a celebration for the mom-to-be, as well as Abdur Raaziq – who was excited to welcome a little sibling after 17 years of waiting! It was our way – the grandparents, aunts and cousins – the ones who have been actively involved in the entire journey; from pregnancy, right through to baby’s first breathes  and beyond –  to shower the baby with love and gifts as we anticipated his grand arrival into our world – and it was truly a memorable affair.





About this video

A little video montage of our family in action as we celebrated the pending arrival of our littlest member.

And that’s it! A quick recap of events.


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