To my Sister on her Birthday

Another year has passed and in its wake are moments and memories that have undoubtedly shaped and reshaped you to the core. I know that many moments have left you feeling defeated…But I also know that it’s in the depths of despair where the light and fight enters our soul.

Life is indeed a mystery…We never know why things happen the way they do; the way life reveals itself in periodic cycles of hardships and bliss. But what I do know is that each frame of our lives is only a small piece of a much broader picture… like piecing together a puzzle…slowly giving way to a clearer view!

Birthdays are a great reminder that we were all born with a purpose! That this picture we see now is only a partial view. That there are still many more pieces of our life’s puzzle to fit together before the journey is complete. It is a reminder that every day, every piece, every fragment and every moment is part of a bigger plan. A bigger picture that we cannot see. It gives us hope that there is still another horizon for us to meet…

And as we weave our way through life, some parts will be easier to put together while others may leave us feeling frustrated. I know that some moments will be filled with laughter and others will be scattered with hardship. There will be people walking along side us trying to help create the perfect picture, but at the end of it all, it’s inside our own selves where we will find all the pieces we will ever need to create the end result!

I know that at times this journey seems hard…that piecing together the little fragments is difficult  and frustrating. That sometimes you wonder if you are strong enough and tough enough. But today I want you to know that what I see, is a strong woman! A dedicated and smart woman! A mother and a wonderful example of a woman painting the strokes of her own picture! Creating her own portrait! And that a week, month, year from now, all these strokes…all these pieces…the struggle and strife; will make way and reveal a picture you have been building and creating with every step and every breath of your soul and it will be worth all the sacrifices!

Happy birthday my dear sister!! Always know, that wherever life takes you, we will always be by your side…putting the pieces together…trying to figure it all out!

Happy Birthday!


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