I’m Proud to call you my Sister

The great thing about having an older sister is that they’ve always been  a kind of window into your own future. You get to watch them navigate their way through all the weird, awkward and freaky growth developments before you, and in a way you get to watch them grow up as much as they’ve see you through all your own milestones.  For a great part of our childhood, that’s more or less what our relationship was…me observing you through a filtered lens; longing to catch up to your part of the journey.  Yet there was this barrier between us that nobody overstepped because you were the “oldest” sister and that role commanded a certain degree of respect.

I’d like to think that at some point I finally did catch up to you; because over the years, things have changed a lot and our relationship has evolved. I don’t just get to watch you; I actually get to be a part of your life – we get to converse, laugh, share secrets, and cheat at Monopoly.  We have built a strong bond and a fulfilling relationship where I sometimes pretend I’m older! And just when I think I’ve caught up to you, Life happens and you sprint ahead again. But the truth is that it’s never been a race. Our stories are different, but we share a journey through our bond. We’re sisters…irrespective of who’s older and younger. And even though I don’t live in the shadow of your role as eldest as I always used to think (‘cos we all have our strengths and we’ve learnt to celebrate that); I’m still lucky I get to observe you and be inspired by your journey.

When you were about my age, you went through a life altering experience where the future seemed so uncertain at the time! All you knew was that the life you were living was not the life you were meant to live, and so you set out to change your destiny. Over the last few years I’ve watched you fight yourself out of a bad situation. I’ve watched how a life you built, shattered into a million pieces; and then I watched as you bravely picked up all those pieces to start again. Actually, I watched you sweep away the pieces of the past and begin all over again! I’ve watched you do what seemed so impossible at the beginning of it all – I’ve watched you blossom and thrive.

You have taught me that it’s never too late to start over, that age shouldn’t define how big  you dream, that you’re never too old to set yourself some goals and that nothing is impossible if you work hard!  Every day you defy the odds. Every day you show me what’s possible beyond the age of 40. You have showed me that it’s not the end of the line. That it’s only the beginning! You are brave…you are strong…and you’ve become a voice for so many who thought they had none. You’re inspiring so many people with the journey you are taking, and I’m so proud to call you my sister.

The great thing about having an older sister is that they are kind of like a window to your own future…and when I look through that window, then the future does indeed look very bright!


Happy Birthday Big Sis!!


Love Always,



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