A Day to Remember

Our Anniversary! They day we look back each year and reflect on the blissful years we’ve spent together. A day we express gratitude for all the blessing bestowed on us, and celebrate our loyalty to each other…
So often our time is devoted to day to day activities, that we often forget the day of forging this very important bond. The day we took the leap from innocence, into the real world we live in today.
Our Anniversary! The day  we chose to seal the bond of our love. The day that officially marks our commitment to each other…The day all my childhood, girlish dreams came true, just because I married you!


How quickly 12 years have gone by…How swiftly the tides have changed. We have witnessed births, and experienced loss…had days of extraordinary delight, and also moments that were dire…You have lost your hair, and I have not lost all the baby weight…But through it all, through the myriad of life’s trials and triumphs, we have faced it together as a team. We have clambered through 12 years, surviving on each others strengths…You the Yin to my Yang. 12 years that may not always have been filled with bliss, but 12 years I would not have given to anyone else…12 years I’m glad I gave to you…
Three beautiful children whose smiles fill our heart and home with joy. Whose fights and squabbles and milestones gives us something to talk about…whose heartbeats connects us eternally.

Our days are often spent apart, with different things occupying our minds, but there’s a knowingness, that we only have each other securely sealed in our hearts…Yes the road is sometimes bumpy, but more often it is filled with security and joy and laughter…and your smile and presence that is always reassuring to me. The strength of our bond lies in the trust we have in each other, and the space we have given each other to develop as individuals; for in helping each other to thrive and shine, we have built a happy environment for our kids to do the same.
What is this love I feel? It is in all the unspoken words….the magic of your glance. It is in the gratitude I feel for all your hard work….your never fading smile each day you come home. It is in the special language you have with our kids. Sunday mornings 5 in the bed. Summer braai’s. Family vacations. Date nights. Sunday cycles…It is in the memories we share…our hopes, our fears, our inner most thoughts. It is in the way we argue with kindness; careful not to hurt each other with words…
In this life we share, it’s never just been the two of us. The true source of our blessings comes from all the love, care, and time we invest in our parents and families. It resonates in all that we do. It is our glue…You have given me 12 wonderful years…Thank You!


“It is said that a truly great marriage is one where our partners inspire us to become better people.
Where, as the years pass by, not only our bond strengthens, but also your character shines.
A truly great partner, inspires the best in us. We learn from each other, and grow, together. When you find the right partner, and the right balance, you are constantly striving to be better individuals. When we learn to be  compassionate, considerate, understanding, forgiving, and compromising with each other, it is so much easier being that way with all mankind. And so, marriage is much more than love. It is a seed, that with nurturing, will flourish and prosper…”
(Excerpt from my speech at my sister’s wedding ,January 2013)


 Here’s to many more memorable years to come.
Love you always,

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