Oh Boy! There’s a Baby on the way!

I’m a strong believer in Fate and Destiny. In the concept that everything happens for a reason and as it should…In Life being a series of events preparing us for something much bigger – But I wasn’t always this way.

When we were young, we had a pretty set idea about how we thought Life would turn out, didn’t we!? We had a set path we thought we would follow… a dream and ideal of how we wanted things to pan out – finish school, study, find love, and then marriage and kids. We (probably more “me” than “we”) even mapped out our dream wedding and the perfect age for having children. But things don’t always happen the way we envision them, do they? When we look back on this life of ours, I’m quite sure that about 20 years ago, none of us would have correctly  guessed how our lives would turn out.  We all had plans, and yet here we are, living the life that God has planned instead. And what an incredible gift Allah (God)  had planned for you all this time!!

Sometimes it’s not always easy when your heart yearns for something and Life hands you something else. But somehow you learn to accept and you move forward. In the time you spent waiting for the life you dreamed of, life happened  in an order we didn’t quite map out when we were 17. Life made it’s own plans – gave you obstacles you didn’t expect, crumbled your hopes and broke your spirit just a little. None of these moments were on that map…we didn’t see them coming – But they were all put there with the intent of making you stronger…building you up for this moment . You bode your time, and now it’s time to rejoice in the rewards…in this moment…in this beautiful new life and new beginning…this gift that has been bestowed upon you! Things might have taken a little bit longer than you planned, but here you are…finally living out your dream!!

17 years is a very long time to wait and wonder if  your biggest dream would ever be realised. In the beginning, that dream was like a fire burning bright…but with each year that passed without this dream and desire being realised, I have seen that fire of hope begin to diminish and fade, until all that was left were the little embers of the flames that used to burn so fiercely from within. I think we all know, that if it weren’t for mom ferociously  fanning those fading embers, you may have allowed them to burn out…but look, here you are, after 17 years of patiently waiting,  getting ready to welcome another baby into this world! Isn’t life just fascinating.

The months long wait was reduced to weeks and now the weeks into days as you approach this final stretch before you get to hold your new baby; and I couldn’t be more excited for you! There’s a lot to look forward to. Big change is on the horizon. With new hopes and new dreams to pursue. Your nights will be getting a little shorter and your days about to get a whole lot happier once you baby boy decides to make his grand entrance into the world!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over and over again; is that life unfolds itself in unexpected ways and that the Almighty’s  plan won’t always align with our own plans and what the world wants from me won’t always be the same as what we want for ourselves and sometimes the best made plans fall terribly short. But I’ve also learnt, that as much as we need to put our trust in that bigger plan, we shouldn’t ever cease to dare to dream 🙂





About these photo’s

Growing up in a house full of girls and a mom who loved the camera, photographs have always been part of any big day – from birthday parties to school concerts…matric balls and weddings – we have photographs to remind us of our journey. This special occasion is no different to all the others; only this time it was me behind the camera capturing this very special moment in my sister’s life 🙂



Dress : Truworths

Hair and Makeup : Ammaarah Majiet

Photographs by me



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