A Son I Call My Own

Name: Abdur Raaziq; Language: Arabic; Meaning: Slave of the Provider

 Only Son of Deed

I was 21 years old when you were born; tall and lean with “flipper” feet. I was probably the last in the family to see you, having been put under quarantine for a horrid allergic reaction to something or the other…You are 13 today, and have grown way past me. Your hugs arrive rather awkwardly at times, but at least you have not outgrown giving them to me. I am not your mother, yet I have an overwhelming magnitude of love in my heart for you…

I may not have lugged you around for nine months, and I do not bare the scars of your birth…but, from the day I lay my eyes on you and embraced you in my arms; from the moment you wrapped your then, tiny hand around my finger and pressed your head against my chest…from those very first days; you have captured my heart….

I am not your mother….but, I have witnessed your growth since birth, I have rocked you to sleep, I have bathed you, fed you, danced with you till your laughter filled the house…I know your fears, wiped away your tears….fainted at the sight of your blood…

I know I lost the favourite aunt title to Moon the day I got married. You were just a year old when I left…when I left open the space for her to take over. And though she’s married now herself, there’s a magical bond you share, that nobody can replace. She even has the added title of Mommy at the end of her name.

I am not your mother…yet you are a big brother to my children. Fighting, playing, squabbling, creating mischief. Building memories. Sharing moments. Building a bond that is strong….

I am not your mother…yet our lives are eternally connected…like the threads of a tapestry, delicately woven into each other…

Some bonds are forged in the womb, while others are built, brick by brick, with kind gestures, heartfelt moments. Love. It is strengthened through time and sealed in the confines of one’s heart for all eternity…I am not your mother….but I love you so much more than an aunt…love you like a son…love you like a son I call my own…

Happy Birthday!
Love always,
Jaan :-)

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