What Makes You Beautiful – Featuring Mom

 I love this pic of my Mom! The beehive hairstyle. The winged eyeliner…and the fact that I resemble her a lot in this moment…in her prime…makes it one of my favourite pictures of all time! But pictures can sometimes be deceptive. It captures a moment and not the history. It tells a story…but it’s only a half truth. I love this picture of my Mom…but it only captures a small portion of her beauty.
Sometimes our life story, our disappointments and heartache, sets us up for our greatest achievements. Growing up, I always aspired towards being this black and white picture that used to hang on our wall…but now I desire to be the woman on the inside…The voice of reason, the wisdom, the unconditional love and strength. I want to be both the gentle nurturer and the fighting spirit. I want to be so deeply rooted in faith, truth and honesty that no wave of deceit can ever sway me from my values!
So what makes Mom beautiful to me? It is in the understanding that all that we are, comes from an ocean of struggle and strife in order to make our lives more pleasant…all the sacrifices on her behalf, putting her needs on the line for the sake of others. It is in the strict moral code and set of values she has instilled in us, that forms our core and makes us better humans…better parents. My mother has always been most beautiful when she is being our Mom, a Grandmother to our kids and the matriarch to our family! Mom, you are beautiful just by being the best Mother to us all!
So, Mom, what makes you beautiful?
Well….certainly not my figure! My beauty radiates from my children and grandchildren. Seeing them flourish and making a success of their lives makes all my sacrifices in life worthwhile. It makes me feel like I have succeeded in my life’s purpose. In my old age, leaving behind a legacy of humble, well natured children, that is my wealth…and being surrounded by all of them, that is what makes me feel most beautiful!


 Larry English Photography
Happy Birthday Mom!
Lots of love,
From all your kids and grandkids!

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