Life Lately – February 2017

It’s been a hectic start to the new year, and I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve managed to keep my sanity intact this far! It felt like we hardly had much of a Summer vacation, and it seemed like it was over and the kids were back at school before it even began! Despite all of that, the kids have transitioned well and we are happily back into the normal routine of things!

Besides the regular carting and trekking back and forth to school, we are also currently doing some minor home improvements/renovations…which actually feels quite major to me, because ever since we’ve started, it feels like I’ve hardly had any time to myself. My house is upside down, our sleeping arrangements are all jumbled up, there’s constant noise coming from a worker shouting or asking for something or drilling or knocking in the background; and don’t get me started on the dust! And just when their shift comes to an end, I have to deal with a kid who’s nagging or teenagers bickering…gosh, even their fun times sometimes hurts my ears!!

Then there’s the steady influx of projects and assignments which always requires a last minute mad dash for supplies or ink or charts, at an odd hour of the day. And although it seems like we just started school a few weeks back, the kids have just received their exam time tables for the first term, which means we need to be getting into study mode, but also that we’re halfway trough term one, and before we know it, it will be over again!

Barring going to gym regularly, and keeping updated with the blog; right now, it feels like I’m micro managing everyone else’s lives! Date nights has been my saviour in helping to keep me sane; as well as knowing that there’s something exciting awaiting me at the end of this tiring stretch!! We have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks, and the little bit of chaos we are going through now is only making me more excited about the adventure that lies ahead!


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