My Truths – Gratitude For All That Is

Some days there are no big life lessons to learn, no big moments that impact our lives, days where the tides of life crash gently on the ocean shore….Those are the days we merely have to sit and embrace the silence of our brains, and be grateful. Days where we raise our hands, not in asking, but thanking. Days where our hearts do not seek unspoken answers, but rather languishes in the blessings we take for granted.

Gratitude is the reminder of the flag of peace we hold within our souls, the calm and resolution we need for our minds, the torch of hope for our tomorrow….

So often, we are caught up in life’s storms; consumed in our pursuits of steering ourselves to safer shores, searching for brighter tomorrows; when the real beacon of light lies in embracing gratitude despite the storm. Finding moments in the myriad of chaos that makes us smile, makes us gleam, makes us grateful….makes us know that we will be okay.

I know I’ll be okay… I know this because, no matter what challenges I face, my kids return the smile to my face and the warm tingling in my heart…

I know I’ll be okay… I know this because; I know what’s important to me, I know what I want, and I strive to achieve that everyday…

I know I’ll be okay…because, I’m following my dreams, making my moments count, making a difference…

I know I’ll be okay because… I have a loving, caring family and valued friendships. I surround myself with positivity and whatever negativity may creep in, the good far outweighs the bad. I know that feeling down is only temporary, only fleeting moments in the vast expanse of joyfulness.

I know I’ll be okay… I know this because I have a strong mind and a strong belief that nothing goes unnoticed…I know this because the wheel is always turning and I don’t want it to turn on me.

I know I’ll be okay… I know this because I greet each day with a smile on my face and a heart full of Hope…





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