A Family Wedding

When I got married, I knew I was inheriting an extended family; and back then it was something I was quite excited about and I looked forward to it. I was a bit unprepared for the extent of that extension, and at first, it was kind of overwhelming because Indian families are HUUUUUUUGE! Nevertheless, as part of this massive extended package, I also inherited nieces (and nephews) who, though unexpected; turned out to be lovely additions to an overwhelmingly massive family and I bonded with them quite easily!
 Over the years they have made family functions more bearable by helping keep my kids entertained when they were still young. They made me feel welcomed in a time when I still felt so strange. They offered me a smile…embraced me as I am…and showered me with kindness in a time where I knew nobody, least of all myself. They made adjusting to my new life easier just by showing me a little love and kindness. And now, one by one, they are getting married and starting their own new paths.


It’s an honour just to be part of celebrations like these, but it’s been an even greater honour to help them prepare for this monumental step in their life journey! Over the years I’ve helped so many of them as they crossed that pivotal threshold and made the transition from daughter to wife. I’ve helped them meticulously plan every detail of every aspect of their wedding day. Booked hair trials and makeup gurus and wrote speeches in the still of the night. I’ve pinned scarves and draped saris and had photo shoots in my garden. I’d like to think that in some way I managed to repay that debt of kindness they had offered me when I felt alone…at the very least, I hope I helped them create lasting memories…


This past December, another one of these special bonus nieces got married. Once I know there’s a wedding on the cards, my mind goes into overdrive with ideas and looking up the latest trends as I plot and plan the whole thing. It’s really become a passion and I do get obsessed about the whole production of it all. I think it comes from growing up in a house full of girls and with a mom who has always been meticulous about these things. Where the big focus of an Indian wedding is usually the food; my mom has always made sure that her daughters were seen to first…from sourcing our outfits, to booking hair and make-up, to ensuring we have captured the memories of the day…she has always made the experience about us! We’ve definitely all got a lot of that from our Momma, and I guess that’s why I’ve become the go-to aunt in weddings!
 I hadn’t realised how quickly time has passed since then until I looked back at these pictures. So many months of planning had culminated into the moments captured here. Obviously I didn’t leave myself out of the equation when it came to glamming up for the evening, and naturally I gravitated to my signature, Bollywood glam, for the occasion! I opted for a simpler sari that wasn’t overly gaudy, and complimented it with a unique pair of earrings and other matching accessories. My hair and makeup was done by Dash Studio, who is the ultimate in Bollywood glam!!! It was the first time I donned falsies and I think it effectively completed the whole Bollywood glam look.


 Although I couldn’t make it to the wedding because of the passing of my aunt; everything went off smoothly because of good pre-planning, amazing family members who stepped in and took over the reigns, and only the best hair and make-up gurus that made up Team Bride! Here’s a few of my favourite pics <3
With the Bride
How amazing is this makeup!

Sister of the Bride

Favourite aunts 😉 Ilhaam  (right)  contributed tremendously in pulling everything off and even hosted the prettiest vintage themed bridal shower for the bride!
A huge thank you to Ilhaam for stepping in and taking over my duties on such short notice!
Sari, earrings & bangles : Khan’s
Bag: on loan from my sister Farhana (Didi)
Sari draped by Shireen
All Makeup by Dash Studio
My hair : Dash Studio
Brides hair by Taskeen
Photographs taken by my son, Raqeeb
Thanks for reading!

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