The Truth Will Set You Free

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No matter how much we may try and avoid it, it is impossible to be living in South Africa and not know at least something about the Oscar Pistorius trial. Newspapers, magazines, twitter feeds, Facebook updates and even an entire t.v. channel dedicated to live coverage of what is happening, means that at some point we have all come face to face with some source of information pertaining to this unfolding saga….and yet all of us seem to be processing this information very differently.
I can clearly remember the moment the news broke last year. At the time, I was more than just interested in the story…I was curious, fixated, obsessed and my life did a little stand still as I followed every detail, every tweet and every article! I promised myself that I wouldn’t get dragged into the hype of the trial. That I will remain impartial. That this issue has nothing to do with me…but I admit I am finding it difficult.
Which makes me wonder what it is about human nature that thrives on the downfall of others? Why do we feel the need to know every sordid detail? Does it make us feel better about ourselves when we see someone that supposedly had it all, fall ungracefully from the pedestal we ourselves have put them on?
My faith in humanity would like to believe that it was all a tragic mistake. That the hero the world once saw is still somewhere there, but more and more it is becoming evident that even though the shooting MAY have been accidental, this tragic loss of life was really the result of something far bigger… an inflated ego and a troubled soul. Sometimes our own personal prisons are the cause of more destruction than any physical prison ever can and though the future of Oscar’s life seems forever tarnished, redemption will only come once he releases the forces that have brought him to this point in the first place…
Whether or not Oscar is guilty of murder is not for me or you to say…but as the case unfolds, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the justice everyone is in search for may never come. Sometimes the justice we want is something we can see. Instant. Immediate. But justice, in whichever way, will come. It always does. Just not always in the way we want.
It seems unfortunate to have this sprawled out for the world to see…but it seems karma would have it that way…that Oscar shall fall by the same means that he was made. Although it isn’t fair to strip him of his achievements. That has been a comfort to many mothers whose kids have faced a similar, uncertain future and it can remain that way if they take heed of some of his downfalls as well. 
The biggest tragedy here, is not Oscar’s diabolical fall from grace…as long as his heart beats he has a fighting chance to turn the course of his life around, irrespective of the outcome of this trial. The real tragedy is the young life taken away, robbed of her chance to do the same and the parents who mourn…
It is easy to sit on the side line and pass judgement. To perceive things in our own way…but from now on, whatever I read or see regarding this incident will have no bearing whatsoever on me…only perhaps to tighten the noose on my own ego…remain humble…and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground!

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