Ramadaan – The Journey to Self-Enlightenment

To abstain from food, drink and other worldly pleasures for several hours a day, for a whole month, might seem like a tough task; but all religions (Jews, Buddhists, Christians ) observe some form of it as a means of spiritual enlightenment. There must be some wisdom in this ancient practise then, that is helpful in our pursuit for complete solace of our minds.

Fasting, in it’s very basic form, teaches us patience. Teaches us empathy for those living in poverty. Teaches us restraint and willpower. Conquering abstinence for a month, however, should not be the end of our trial. It is the beginning of a much deeper journey, the essence of which, may take a lifetime to master.

Throughout the year we become submerged into our daily lifestyle, our daily activities and routine. We get drawn into the world so to speak, pursuing worldly goals, achieving worldly successes. Ramadaan is like an oasis, our little lifeboat that helps us regain our perspective when we’ve strayed too far. It is a gift…an opportunity to detach ourselves from worldly pleasure; an opportunity to focus on our spirituality, an opportunity for us to improve our inner selves and grow.

Ideally, it should be a month of reformation and self-reflection, where, as we abstain from that which nourishes our body; we instead obtain nourishment for our soul; and when we see the end of it drawing near, we will fear having to face the mirages of the world once again.

Some of us spend our whole lives merely depriving our bodies of food, without experiencing even an ounce of the intended spiritual benefits and rewards this blessed month has to offer. We emerge from this month non the wiser, nor enlightened and merely continue to stagger along blindly.

I have not reached my summit yet. I have not reached my Zen so to speak. I have not achieved complete silence of my mind; but, I continue to climb my way to the top. Climb my way to detachment, climb my way to complete inner peace and humility, letting go of my ego…and view the world from THAT space…where the world is a mere haze…a portal to somewhere better!!

May the following month bring with it the peace, tranquillity and retrospection we all desire; and may we all reap it’s rewards and benefits.

Ramadaan Mubarak,
NAMU :-)

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