Time Flies

They say time flies when you’re having fun…that time heals wounds…that time is a gift and a teacher. But time also robs, and steals. Sometimes we kill, lose or waste it;  but more often than  not, we seem to be running out of it! So many proverbs and metaphors describing the one commodity we can never get back, yet we still haven’t learnt how to properly spend it. Time…though it moves at the same pace every day, some days there just never seems to be enough of it.

I know they say that time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s true; but time passes by even faster when your rushing about, chasing it, while trying to squeeze in enough  tasks and chores. This past month alone has been and endless battle with time. Time flew for sure, but we weren’t even having an ounce of fun! And it made me think back a little, to when time felt a little less confrontational. When time seemed to be moving a little slower. When time borrowed itself to us and we made a lot better use of it. When time wasn’t robbing us, but we were basking in the glory of time well spent…

And time has travelled extra fast since then, that those days seem like both yesterday, and so far away at the same time. And though time is fluid and constantly moving; never pausing and waits for nobody; time is also generous, and it’s most precious gift to us is memories…and what wonderful memories we have of the Summer we are leaving behind!

This past Summer has been a season of mixed emotions! There was loss as well as celebration, hellos and goodbyes. There were fantastic moments and there were times that it didn’t feel like a Summer vacation at all. But whatever was thrown our way, we still tried to make the best of the situation, and it’s culminated into these wonderful moments. You see, Time is made up of millions of moments…some of which are bitter and some of which pass us by unused…while others will stand out and be imbedded in our hearts and minds as memories that we will cherish forever! Here’s a photo journal of my favourite Summer moments, now forever frozen in Time <3

* Disclaimer: All family members are not featured in the pictures below. Some of them were out of the country and some managed to escape being photographed completely 😉

Lights, camera, ACTION!!
POOL DAYS!   When all other plans fell flat…there were always pool days to carry us through!!

Aryana’s first swim!

BOAT TRIP!  No Summer is complete without an impromptu Boat trip right?

This tripod went with almost everywhere! It’s in the genes

PARK  DAYS!  Cos you’re never too old to go to the park! 

BEACH   DAYS!  We didn’t catch nearly enough of these days :-(
First beach trip for Aryana!

She clearly loved it!

ADVENTURE  DAYS!  Because sometimes we need a bit of a thrill! 

RED  BUS  TOUR:  We ended it off  with an impromptu Red Bus Tour, pretending to be tourists in our own city! This was literally the last day of Summer vacation…the next day the kids were back at school.

Family portrait! LOL

And that’s a wrap! Summer is over and there’s a new season of possibilities that awaits.
Thanks for reading!

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