Wedding Season Style Inspiration

It’s that time of year where wedding invitations start streaming in! Neighbours, friends, family of friends, your cousins twice removed; everyone seems to be getting married, and while Hollywood embraces the glamour that comes with the pending awards season, we too will be strutting our stuff during the upcoming wedding season…which leaves us with the major dilemma of what to wear!!! Without the assistance of personal stylists at our disposal, or designers begging to dress us, we need to figure out how to put an ensemble together all on our own.

While I don’t regularly deck myself out in couture garments, I do know a thing or two about Eastern wear and generally gravitate towards it whenever I need to glam up. The key to pulling off a Bollywood inspired outfit successfully lies in effective accessorising. Eastern trends lean heavily towards accessories – Big, bold earrings and a colourful arm full of bangles are essential to pulling this look off effectively; while makeup trends leans more towards shimmering gold and bronze, and a generous dose of mascara and eyeliner…and no look is complete without the intricate detailing of henna tattoos and some hand bling. Everything about a Bollywood look is excessive and dramatic. More is definitely, well…more!

For this look, I used a piece of fabric with that would traditionally be used as a Salwar Kameez (dress & pants combo) which I got as a gift from my sister in law, and made it into a dress by adding the Indian silk brocade fabric on the top part of the dress as well as along the hem of the skirt, and used the pants fabric to make the full flair skirt part of the dress. The fabric features ornate Indian beadwork on the front of the dress as well as on the scarf, which adds to the opulence of the finished look. Because the dress had a long sleeve, I opted for an intricate hand chain in place of bangles. The necklace and earring were not overly big, but I did add a hair accessory which I think tied the look together well. A bronze and gold smoky eye with a bold red lip, completed the look!

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 Outfit  Details

Fabric – gifted

Sewn by – Nazir

Hand Chain – Ziba Styles

Hair Accessory – Shehrezaad (  in Vangate Mall)

Necklace & earrings – India

Statement ring – Lovisa

Henna Pattern – Ayesha

Photographs – 2Cherries Photography

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