The Changing Seasons

I think it’s slowly starting to feel like Autumn; even though I’ve been watching the season change for months now! It was mid January and the middle of Summer when I first started noticing the leaves start to fall and fill our driveway and our swimming pool with it’s multi coloured hues. At first I thought it to just be the wind forcing the leaves to the ground, but week after week the trees became less green and more bare; and even though we were then still basking in the joys of a beautiful Summer, I knew that change was brewing.
I think life is a lot like that. I think change is brewing beneath the surface long before we notice the climactic impact of it all. I think that change is gradual and silent and ever so graceful, like a dancer’s body moving to the beat of a slow song…and you have to be really still and silent to be able to notice the full dance, the subtle changes, the movements that tell the story, the whole process! Sometimes we are so busy with life that we only feel the impact of the change, but we completely miss the dance.
Over the years I’ve only caught snippets of Nature’s show. At first I was only present during the closing scene. Sometimes I’d only awaken mid performance. But this year….aaah this year, I think I’ve finally got to witness Nature’s full dance as we’ve transitioned from Summer to Autumn, and it was beautiful!!
It’s a bit strange how, just last week, when these pics were taken, it felt like we were living through the hottest week of the year; and barely a week later, the temperatures have started to dip. And then today we are greeted with grey skies which will hopefully bring along some much needed rain.
For me, this dress represents the changing seasons. It’s one of those items you can wear during the full dance so to speak! It’s modest, lightweight enough to get you through the hot Summer months, and the 3/4 sleeve makes it ideal for the cooler transitioning days. And as the temperature plummets further, you can reinvent the whole look with clever layering; and then repeat the whole process when we transition into Spring!* You’ll notice a little video at the end of this post. I’ve decided to document our family memories a little differently for a change. Let me know what you think!






Dress : Zara
Earrings : Lovisa
Sunglasses : Cotton On
Sandals : Woolworths


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