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I had a string of posts planned and semi drafted for the past 2 weeks, none of which came to fruition because, well…life happened in between! I knew this final term was going to be challenging, I even mentally prepared myself for it, but I was very unprepared for the numerous curve balls sent my way this past week alone which left me too mentally exhausted to pop around here to write anything legible.

Most times I capture our memories, share sentimental images and stories that centre around perfect moments…but I wouldn’t be true to myself if I brushed past life and created content that doesn’t truly reflect what life is like right now; and right now, like every other mother on the planet, I feel like everything is falling apart ‘cos things are pretty hectic!

In the midst of building a “Haunted House” with my Grade 1, supervising projects of the older kids and trying to be PA to my husband; I managed to mess up documents my husband needed for an important meeting…one of the kids accidentally deleted the research of the other one…we ran out of ink for the printer – twice (don’t even ask)… and didn’t read enough books for the reading competition currently happening in grade 1. It really did seem like I was failing in every aspect of life at one point and I was certainly buckling under the pressure of it all!!

But even when things appear to be falling apart, there is always a silver lining. In the midst of all the things going wrong, the kids showed true grit and character. They didn’t flinch under the pressure, they helped each other when help was needed, forgave one another with ease in times of a mistake, persevered through adversity even when things felt a bit tough, learnt to save documents correctly 😂…and reminded me to look for solutions and lessons in sticky situations! We got through this week ok…and the best part is that we got through it together as a family.

As for you November, I know you’ve just started…but I seriously can’t wait for December!

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