Spring Break

I usually dread school holidays and I would approach it like a shackled prisoner heading towards their prison cell. It’s not so much having the kids around me 24/7, nor their constant demands and bickering; but rather, it’s the fight with Time…and the lack thereof in the day to pursue my own selfish needs. I used to fight my circumstances instead of embracing it, and in so doing, lost out on the gift of the moment. But my relationship with Time is slowly starting to evolve, and it’s a lesson I’ve learnt from observing my kids and how they interact with it!We live our lives lost in the realm of the never ending list of things to do! As a mother, this is multiplied by the amount of kid’s schedules we are juggling; constantly chasing deadlines, due dates and time allocated to their varying needs as we race through the day, week and months until the end of the school term is in sight. Often, we unwittingly groom our kids for this same kind of life of chasing with no reprieve. Lost in a pile of homework and projects. Always looking toward the next deadline…Needless to say, by the time the last school term ended, we were all more than ready to down tools and embrace the break.

I used to dread the school holidays, but now I’m starting to look at it in the light that it is. Something I’ve missed as I wallowed in self pity every time it approached. Something we lose when we become adults submerged in the world of doing…and that’s striking the balance that is needed between work and play! We become caught up in the system and by our responsibilities, that we forget how to just “be”, and if anything, the school break needs to be just that…a break from the mad rush a break from the system, a little oasis for us to regroup, and it’s not something we know how to do, or do enough of, in the adult world. It might seem unrealistic, but a mental reprieve in any form should become a necessity.  Now if only I can get the kids to find the reverse balance between work and play, all will be good 😉

This past school break, we focused on having fun without having to spend tons of money. It was centred around reconnecting with the kids, while enjoying the beauty of our city, and also strengthening family bonds. We had gloriously beautiful sunny days that made us all restless for Summer to arrive…and we also had some gloomy weather to remind us that there’s one last lap before we get there. We truly embraced the break, and now, as we enter the final term, everyone seems geared up and ready for the mad race towards the end of the year. They seem more committed knowing that at the end of it all, after all the hard work and stress, there’s a well deserved break waiting at the finish line, and this year, I am looking forward to it too!


Never too old for a ride on the Blue Train!
Enjoying some time with Naani





Nash left for Rugby and Cricket tour
Seeing him off
First swim of the season!
No time to fight when they’re having fun
Blessed with some glorious beach weather





Sister love ❤




My handsome almost teenager❤
Building forts when the weather turned bad
Beach clean up
And then it all came to an end…..
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