Wedding Season Style Inspiration #4

When your Instagram feed is filled with a combination of vacation pictures, our beautiful Cape Town scenery, and glamorous wedding OOTD’s  (outfit of the day); then you know that Summer is here and Wedding season is in full swing! The glam game is strong on social media at the moment, and if you still haven’t a clue what to wear to your next wedding, then maybe my final wedding season outfit inspiration for 2016 might help…

I bought this outfit from an Instagram/online company for my sister’s wedding over a year ago and if social media is anything to go by, then it has become quite a popular piece since then! With it’s rich, creamy, golden hue; elaborate embroidery and full tulle hemline; it’s no wonder why people would be drawn to this eye catching outfit! It most definitely has visual appeal and a sophisticated elegance about it that would make it a must have as soon as you lay eyes on it…

What I love about traditional Indian outfits is how they play with colour combinations. Nothing is too daring and everything goes! It’s part of the appeal of what makes eastern garments so mesmerizing. This Anarkali comes with a matching pants and scarf which I wore as is on my sister’s wedding. On this occasion I decided to change things up with a red scarf from another one of my eastern outfits, and complimented it with hints of red in my accessories. I like how it brightened up the whole look and how easily I was able to transform the outfit by making a few minor changes.

When purchasing outfits the way I did, there is always a chance that someone else may have gone the same route; but I’m not one to let a good outfit go to waste and I like that I was able to reinvent it by adding my own personal touches in the form of accessories to make it unique to my own personal style.


Dress: Remsons 

Scarf: India

Earrings and Damini : Khan’s Punjabi

Bangles: Memsaab

Rings : various 

Photographs: 2Cherries Photography 

Enjoy what’s left of the holidays!
Thanks for reading… 

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