Bollywood Babe

There’s something alluring about a Bollywood movie…The romance, the dramatic storyline, the family dramas and the even more dramatic plot twists There’s the captivating songs and elaborate dance sequences; and the even more elaborate outfit changes. Then there’s the exotic (and conveniently deserted) locations that said songs take place; and of course…there’s also John Abraham. Can you tell that I love Bollywood!?

I know “Old Hollywood Glam” is a ‘thing’…but my oh my…Bollywood glam is MY  thing! In fact, Bollywood is my go to evening/wedding look when I don’t feel like first squeezing into a Spanx before squeezing into a body hugging dress that squeezes and hugs me the wrong way (which is all the time these days)!

Eastern attire, more especially a Sari, is forgiving on the body. It hugs and shapes your body in a way that is elegant, comfortable and flattering! It hides a multitude of sins, while still allowing one to look and feel glamorous!! And when a baby comes along, it’s the one item in your wardrobe (besides tights) that you can depend on to make you look  fabulous even if  you don’t feel it!! It will have you gazing into the mirror exclaiming “Baby weight? What baby weight??” and make you want to live out the rest of your days in a sari.

People often have a desire to wear a Sari, but find the prospective idea daunting! Clever pleating and pinning makes sure that everything is secure, movement in the garment, easy; and gives one the freedom to drape it in a modest way. Hand crafted beadwork and careful attention to detail makes eastern garments truly exquisite and pleasing on the eye. The combination of  classic black with subtle hints of red and turquoise; and the intricate zari beadwork, makes this particular sari a timeless piece!   Once again, Moon shows us that having a baby doesn’t mean we have to give up on looking stylish. She even makes glamorous look fabulous with a baby on the arm!

Outfit Details
Sari : Gift
Bangles : Colaba Market, India
Henna artist : Ayesha
Photographs : 2Cherries Photography
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