Eid-Ul-Adhaa 2016

Eid has come and gone and is already long forgotten as we’ve just continued along the path of  “being busy”. This year, Eid-ul-Adhaa seemed to have arrived smack, bang in the middle of the mid term storm of assessment, assignments and term exams! It meant that there wasn’t much of a build up and excitement like we usually have; and also that I was more disorganised than usual.  Surprisingly though, everything seemed to fall seamlessly into place with minimal drama!

We tried to keep things simple this time round; but even simple requires effort when you are part of a large family. I know we tend to lean towards extravagance on days like Eid, and maybe our busy schedules allows for less; which is both sensible and understandable (and healthier), but I hope that things don’t get watered down to the extent that we lose it’s value and essence. As usual, the day centred around family (and food); and as always, our community did not disappoint in contributing to the Eid vibe! For a Monday, our streets were alive with our vibrant culture and tradition.

 Our day revolves around going too and fro between the homes of our matriarchs who put a lot of effort into preserving our traditions. For now, the responsibility lies with us to continue keeping the flame burning. As life changes and the daily demand begins to weighs us down, I hope, that for the next generation, upholding these things doesn’t become a tedious affair. I hope, like we’ve done this year, they are able to put down their tools, forget about their worldly obligations and focus on the significance of days like these…

Thanks for reading!

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