Wedding Memories

I can’t believe a year has already passed since my sister’s wedding! As she takes this time to celebrate this milestone with her beloved; I, in turn, am left reminiscing the amazing moments and memories of the weekend long celebration of her Bollywood themed wedding!

I love everything about weddings!! I love the beauty and grace of the bride…I love the look of the groom as he sees his partner waltzing down the aisle…I love the look of Love reflected in the eyes of the couple…love the beauty of a commitment so deep.

I love the romance and the fantasy…and the beautiful reality of the sprouting of a brand new bond. I love that it brings families together…the laughter and the tears. I love the fashion and the glamour… the stories of love…the pure magic that every single moment brings!

I love that it’s the beginning of a very beautiful journey…filled with love and laughter; and trials and triumphs that only strengthen the ties of the bond that started with a simple smile…and Faith in all that they must still come to see together as a team!!

Happy 1st Anniversary dear sister. May it be the first of many more to come and may the years ahead be a means for you build plenty of wonderful memories together. Let each passing moment only intensify your love and strengthen your bond…

All images courtesy of Larry English Photography


For more on the actual wedding, you can view the following links

Kids Bollywood dance choreographed by me here

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(There is still a month left for voting if you wish to do so)

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