My Little Ray of Sunshine!

The memories that surface each year as your birthday approaches has me both smiling and weeping! I have grown so much since those beginning years and much of that time is tucked away deep in the memory box of my mind; rarely unpacked or pondered upon, except on days like these. Just this week I was handed a heavy dose of nostalgia…from the heavily pregnant lady  in the elevator of the mall, to the cool November rain… some memories it seems, might be tucked away, but are never forgotten!
I can’t believe eleven years have passed since you made your grand and unexpected entrance into the world ( read here )! You always were one for demanding the spotlight and a decade and a year has not been able to change that. You captured my heart from the very beginning and even now, it is impossible for anyone who meets you, not to be captivated by your charm, your wit and your quirky sense of humour. It is true that every child arrives with their own set of blessings, and welcoming you into my life really did bring a flood of blessings through. Today I celebrate YOU and I am extremely grateful for all the positivity your presence has brought into my life..
Loving you is so easy! Your hugs and kisses arrive freely and often…as does your raw and honest commentary that always manages to cheer me up and make me laugh.You are my little ray of sunshine and though you sometimes drive me slightly crazy, it is impossible to stay mad at you. You’ve grown tall but you haven’t grown up…not just yet at least. Though I’m sure that time will come soon…For now, your long limbs still finds its way to me for cuddles and comfort.
I’ve never felt the need to write multiple blog posts in your honour, not because I love you less, but only because all I ever need to tell you, I say. We talk and communicate and sometimes your wisdom exceeds my own. There is no divide, no barrier in my affection for you. You are my little gem…a combination of mischievous curiosity, childish innocence and a worldly maturity. You are fun and adventurous, truthful and honest, shrouded in positive energy…always happy and cheerful. In fact, the only time you are ever down is when you are sick.
There are so many things I love about you! Your brutal honesty and corny jokes, your agility with numbers and technology, your braininess and sensitivity…you are a combination of all my favourite parts of  all my favourite people all rolled into one being…you! But most of your character traits you have inherited from your Grandfather (paternal), who you didn’t know for too long, but who you ever so often mirror with your gestures and mannerisms and your straight talking personality…and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that you need to change the t.v. channel when a movie becomes too sad, the gentle way you communicate with your grandparents, the affection you show your aunts. You have a soft heart and a strong personality. You are carefree yet responsible and I love you for all that you are!
 I feel like my words just don’t do justice in capturing your essence. You are a special little soul…don’t ever allow anyone or anything to dull your shine!  Right now, all I want is to savour this bond we have and preserve our relationship. All I can do is hang on to these tender moments and hope that your teen years don’t come along and ruin it all!!
 Love you lots big guy!
Happy Birthday <3

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