The Best Gifts are Unplanned…

Name: Raqeeb; Language: Arabic; Meaning: Guardian (Also the name of one of the Angels that guards the door to heaven)

Where do I begin…

 Sometimes, a memory has the power to evoke emotions you thought you had buried a long time ago…but every birthday is a reminder of this unexpected surprise! This is Raqeeb’s story…
When I chose the name Raqeeb (Guardian), it was out of the sentiment of the meaning… I had laid my faith in the fact the God had his reasons for everything, that each child arrives with it’s own special blessings…little did I know, that this little being came with his own invisible suit of armour, and his own unique way to protect. Raqeeb, to me, will always symbolise strength and hope and a fighting spirit in myself that I didn’t know I had.
Sometimes, life’s greatest gifts arrive at rather unexpected times
They are not tied up in ribbons and bows
and some of them, take 9 months to grow!
I wasn’t quite prepared when I found out,
the news left me stone cold…
For your sister you see,
was just 7 months old!!
I cried and I wept.
I just could not understand.
Until your Grandma told me,
the best gifts are unplanned.
You grew and you grew,
till my tummy blocked my view.
Who would’ve thought that my biggest baby (3.72kg)
would turn out as skinny as you!
You were in some rush to reach here,
things must sure have seemed fun.
You started stirring inside me,
but I was still a little dumb.
One week early,
I wasn’t prepared at all…
I think it was partially due
to the trip to the mall.
A day and a night
 and some photo’s in between.
You arrived rather hurriedly
on November 14.
You made your way into the world
Dramatic and Grand.
The best gifts you see,
are often unplanned!
It’s amazing how quickly 10 years  flew.
How the memory of things evokes emotion anew.
10 years I have watched how you blossomed and grew.
But the thing is, it’s not only you who did,
but I did a whole lot of that too!!
I remember…
your teeth, steps and words arrived a little late,
but by the time you were 2
you more than stepped up to the plate!!
Witty and smart, with a razor sharp tongue,
a good sense of humour since you were very young.
Your quick witted answers drives us all a bit mad!
But the best thing about you,
is that you are a lot like your Granddad!

You are kind and affectionate
 and a bit sensitive too…
Who would’ve guessed that an unplanned gift,
would turn out as awesome as you!


 Happy 10th Birthday!! You have captured all who know you with your infectious smile and laughter; and your awesome personality too!!

Love Always

Mom 🙂

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