My Week in Pictures

I’ve been a bit slow with posts this past week or so, but only because mommy duties took precedence! Parenting, after all, is a never ending juggling act…and this past week has seen me juggle more than my fair share. From nursing the sniffles, to helping kids study for end of term assessments, and offer a guiding hand to a variety of school projects…. plus an over eager 4 year old who wants to be part of it all….it has left me feeling a bit like I am trying to catch my tail.
Some days I wonder if I’m getting it right. Whether I’m doing enough justice to each of my children. Whether I don’t focus more on one and less on another. Whether I’m doing an ok enough job. Am I hard enough? Am I too strict? Do I listen enough to what they have to say? Cos as they get older, parenting also gets a bit more frightening; because how we raise them now, will affect the adults they inevitably become…
Perhaps I shouldn’t be that hard on myself. The kids are lucky that I am here. I am present. I am trying my best! And luckily, I don’t have to do it all on my own.  
Despite all that, it has not been ALL drama and gloom at all either! Although being a stay at home mom comes with it’s sacrifices, it certainly has it’s perks too!! And though a lot of time goes into maintaining a schedule and routine, sometimes we get to be part of the fun as well…and though this week has been filled with lots of schoolwork; it has also been highlighted with some exciting events for all 3 kids. The best part of it all, is that I got to share it with them too…and seeing them happy and thriving, is definitely one of the best rewards 🙂

Monkey Town

Lifting the little ones on their school outings is always a highlight for me! It’s so gratifying to me to see my kids interact with their friends, listen to their hilarious conversations and watch them soak up their new and exciting environment!


My little monkey 🙂

So many different species…
Taking an educational tour with the tour guide!

Visit to Table Mountain

 How many kids get to visit one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ on a school trip?? When you are surrounded by all the splendour that is Cape Town, that visit is just one bus trip away! Even though I did not accompany Raqeeb on this trip, having him in the care of a fantastic educator meant that I was kept updated with snippets of info and these breathtakingly beautiful pictures.


 Cable car ride up!
Stunning view…Handsome kid 😉
Lions Head in the background!
The view of our city from Table Mountain is absolutely breathtaking!
Sports Day
We ended off the busy week with the school’s annual inter house athletics. This is probably the highlight of Saafiyah’s  school year! It’s no secret she loves sport way more than school work and this was definitely her year to shine in this area. Both kids participated in various events and obviously I was there to shout and cheer them on!!!
Great when sisters have kids at the same school…we cheered along together!
Team Excellentia!!
Zee came along to cheer on his brother and sister.

Our top 2 athletes in their age division… What I loved about these girls was that even though they were on opposing teams, there was still a sense of camaraderie between them. They motivated and challenged each other throughout the day!
At the long jump pit. Saafi’s final jump was the winning one!
 Rocky might not have brought home medals, but it didn’t stop him from cheering his sister on and celebrating her success 🙂
They might not have been the winning team, but these teachers definitely possess a winning team spirit!
That’s the highlights from my busy week! Hope you enjoyed the snapshot…and as always, thanks so much for reading!!

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