Not Just Another Milestone

It seems like just the other day that I was being wheeled into theatre to have you…a small little bundle who  was able to fit in the crack of my arms. It seems like just the other day when you started to crawl and then walk and then run havoc through the house. Just the other day when words started stumbling out of your mouth…and the words became sentences and the sentences became a million questions that never ceases to stop. It seems like just the other day that you were still little, and now look at you, starting to grow up!

Today, you turn 7 and to me, 7 is not just an ordinary milestone! It’s not the same as when you turned 4 or 5 or 6! It’s not the same as learning new words and figuring out new things. It’s not the same as making new discoveries or being fascinated about evaporation and the phases of the moon. It’s not the same…because I know that once you’ve reached this age, once you’ve passed this milestone, there’s a new transition that begins and that  the time from here onwards scurries along too quickly to 8,9 and then 10…and once that happens, my little boy will be gone and in his place will be standing  a big boy!

In my heart, you are still my little baby, but when I look at you, my eyes tell me a different story! They tell me that my heart is wrong and that my baby is growing up too fast! And my arms…the arms that cradled you as a baby, and just last year was able to carry your sleeping body up a flight of stairs…they tell me that either I’m old or that you are rapidly outgrowing me, or a bit of both because I can barely pick you up anymore. And my bed that used to be empty even with you in it; is now filled with long limbs that keeps me warm and moves EVERYWHERE!

I know that sometimes you are in a hurry to grow up. To lose your baby teeth, get a phone and be able do the things that Appa and Rocky can. I know that you sometimes struggle to find your voice amidst Appa’s  teenage needs, Rocky’s bossiness and all the grown ups. I know that growing up is inevitable, but I want to ask you not to rush it. I want to revel in your innocence a little bit longer and I want you to still want me a little longer than that too!


I know it sounds dramatic seeing as you’re only 7, but I know how ruthless time can be and though I can’t see into the future, I  know, to a certain extent, the developments that the next few years will bring.  As you enter this new stage, as you start to grow and find your place in the world,  I want to tell you to never lose your enquiring mind, never stop asking questions, never stop investigating! Sometimes I think you are a little too timid to stand up against the harshness of the world, but be firm in your beliefs, don’t be afraid to get things wrong, never lose heart, never lose hope…but please, ease up a bit on the nagging!

Love you lots,
MOM <3
*Photographs by : 2Cherries Photography

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