My Little Princess….Forever and Always

Saafiyah; Language: Arabic; Meaning: Serene, Pure, Chaste

It’s amazing how quickly time flies by…how seconds become minutes; minutes become hours; and the hours turn into days, months, years…I can hardly believe 11 years have passed. Eleven years since the birth of my first child, my only daughter, my graceful little princess.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that she would climb into my bed at night, wedged between her dad and me, tiny hand rubbing my arm soothingly, comfortingly. It seems like just the other day, she was knee high, making her way into my lap for a loving embrace. It feels like yesterday I was still able to carry her off to her own room after yet another night of falling asleep in my bed!
I’m not quite sure when it all changed, when her feet grew to be almost as big as mine, when she grew from shoulder height to eye level, or when she started climbing less into my bed at night and more often into my high heels for a round of dress-up, when I changed from having all the answers, to not really having a clue. I’m not sure when this all happened, whether I blinked slightly too long, or whether I looked away for more than a split second…but my little girl has gone, and in her place stands a tall, willowy young girl.
There are still remnants of that little girl left, the little girl with a shy smile and a nurturing heart. The little girl that prefers running races to reading books; who loves animals and has a flair for art. No matter how big and tall, she is still the same little girl… that needs to be tucked into bed with a kiss at night, still needs a loving embrace when her tears begin to fall, still looks over her shoulder to us for love and approval; still looks to the crowd on awards day, race day, karate promotions; still very much a Daddy’s girl…
As my little girl enters a new decade, with new challenges, new hopes and dreams; as she grows and needs me less, as she develops her own interests, style, passion and voice; as she attempts to loosen the protective clasp that grips her so tight….The truth is, there’s a little girl  left in all of us, that looks for love and affirmation, and for as long as I’m around, whenever she may turn around in need of it, and even when she may not; I’ll be here to give it….


Happy Birthday Princess Saafiyah,
Love Mom & Dad
(and Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandma & Granddad…and your two little brothers too) 


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