Conquering New Heights

Life is a lot like hiking…At some point, we all have to start at rock bottom! The climb to the top seems impossible, the pathway treacherous, but the journey, necessary. The pathway we follow is a constant, winding road, giving us no way of knowing what lies ahead and just as the ground beneath your feet becomes familiar, the terrain changes and the only comfort is knowing that there have been many who have trodden the same road before.
Some will brave their climb alone, others will journey along with their closest companions, but the only people who will understand your journey are the ones who have, or still are, travelling the same path as you!  There will always be someone ahead of you, someone behind you, someone who passes by you with an encouraging word…Some will banter along at a fast pace, others will be considerably slower, but the common thread is that we are all moving along towards the same destination…
Sometimes in life, we move along blindly, following the throes of human forms in an endless, vicious cycle. We become complacent in all life’s familiarities and trod along aimlessly. No concrete; and sometimes fickle; goals or destinations. Sometimes we have to turn our back on complacency and be willing to stray off the beaten path towards territory unknown and get ready to make the ultimate climb!


After months and months of looking enviously at pictures of people who have conquered this famous Cape Town mountain range, I finally succumbed to the challenge of making my way to the top of Lion’s Head; a challenge I agreed to embark on with our family hiking experts, Moon and Nur! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t all that easy, but conquering it, despite having some issues with heights, gives me a great sense of accomplishment! I have learnt that nothing is impossible. The first steps are the hardest. And your companions  make life’s journey worthwhile! Life’s a journey…and I am making the climb 🙂











































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