Zee turns 6!!


So often in Life, time passes us by too quickly. A single thought is replaced by another almost instantly! New achievements and milestones a constant reminder that time never stands still. Moments quickly fade into memories and eventually, memories fade into a haze…like a picture that has been faded by the light of the sun.

Without a doubt, one of my favourite things about writing this blog has been the birthday messages I have written to my children! As life presses on, pausing and reflecting on these little milestones, pouring out my heart, having them frozen into words, has become a kind of solace and provides some kind of comfort in this rapidly changing world…Hopefully one day they will unwrap these little fragments of their lives, and even if their memory has faded, this will be a reminder that they were dearly cherished.
Today we celebrate because (not so) little Zee turns 6! To me, Zaydaan will always be a symbol of my own liberation! Having spent my 20’s anchored down by the restraints of society’s expectations, approaching 30 was like approaching the horizon of salvation. In so many ways his milestones mirrors my own growth! As he embraced Life, I learnt to embrace myself. As he learnt to crawl and walk, I learnt to take the necessary steps to steer my life in the direction I wanted to go. When he got bullied, I learnt to stand up for myself! His milestones have been a portal to my own…
This past year Zaydaan has transformed from the timid little boy of previous years, to a strong and independent ‘Big boy’ ! He stands his ground when he knows he is right and has found his voice while still remaining true to his gentle nature. I think I am most proud that he is no longer a pushover, something that has taken me almost 36 years to figure out for myself. He is happy and content, both mischievous and honest, and completely undemanding! 
Sometimes I wish that I still had my little boy. That he still needed me the way he did back then. That time didn’t rob me of my baby. But if time had stood still, then I would still be an undiscovered soul, tied to the ground, weighed down by the what if’s.  Together we have grown, and together we will move along with time, reach new heights and grow beyond where we are now…

Such a big part of his life, Zee requested I include a picture of just him and cousin brother, Agu <3
 Happy Birthday Zee!
You will always be my baby boy <3
Love Always,

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