Comfy and Chic – Fashion Inspiration for the New Mom

When we become mothers our whole lives change…but that doesn’t mean our style has to suffer! Sure enough our lifestyle undergoes a major transformation, and similarly our wardrobes need to be adjusted as well; but gone are the days where the mom wardrobe consisted mainly of ‘mom jeans’ and stretch pants (I may be the only mom still living in mine though) and clothes we spend years procrastinating about fitting back into (only me?).

The new age mother seems far more put together and dignified. They haven’t lost themselves in their new role, and managed (somehow) to maintain their identity and still look good! In a day and age where there never seems to be enough time; least of all to care for your style; Moon shows us that fashion for busy moms isn’t as complicated as a stressed out mother might think. All it takes is a few versatile garments, some accessories and wardrobe staples to amp up your “Mom Style” and make your wardrobe more mom friendly at the same time!

We all know that as a new mom, comfort is key and just because heels might be temporarily out of the equation, it does not mean we have to give up on fashion entirely. There are plenty of ways you can be comfortable and cosy and still look stylish and chic!  Moon’s combination of a trendy shirt dress, paired with a skinny jeans and comfy (yet trendy) ankle boots shows how we can be modest, practical  and completely trendy, while still comfortable enough to perform all our mom duties!

Outfit Details :
Shirt Dress : H&M
Jeans & Boots : Woolworths
Necklace & earrings  : Lulu Belle

Watch : Fossil

Rings : Forever 21 & Honey

Bracelets : Gifts 

Photography : 2Cherries Photography

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