Our #KidzSeason Table Mountain Adventure

It looks like snow, but it’s actually clouds!

When you’re living in one of the notoriously most beautiful cities in the world and the backdrop is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World; you tend to take things a little for granted! It’s impossible not to gasp at the beauty that is the ionic Table mountain in all it’s glory and splendour irrespective of the season or time of day…Whether it’s basking in the red and orange hues of sunset, or draped in clouds on a cold wintery day; like a seasoned model, it has the ability to look good in just about anything, any time of the year!

 Besides looking on in awe every now and again, It remains one of those elusive enigmas that you admire from a distance, but never actually venture close enough to (except that one time we made the sweaty and tiring trek up Platterklip Gorge on a balmy Summer morning). We tend to reserve these experiences for the tourists that frequent our city, but about a week ago I got to experience Table Mountain in all it’s glory and splendour  when I was invited with my family to be part of the first ever #KidzSeason meet!
The thick morning fog had me wondering about the weather and visibility at the summit, but after getting the green light from the event organisers, we made our way (albeit with padded back up gear “just in case” in our car boot) to the meeting place at the parking lot at Lower Tafelberg road ( on the corner of Tafelberg and Kloofnek roads) and in true grandeur; as we made our way out of the suburbs and into the city; Table Mountain stood out like an oasis of sunlight amidst the fog and clouds!
We gathered our name tags and treasure maps and took the free My Citi bus up to the Cable station; which is quite convenient considering the parking dilemma and free workout one would  normally get walking the incline to the cable station! We managed to totally evade the exhaustion, meltdowns and the ‘Are we there yet?’ questions as everything was so easy and convenient!
Grandma joined us as Dad was at work

No queues and a smooth running operation system meant that we were up the final steps and took the last few paparazzi snaps before our 5 min trip to the top in the state of the art Cable Car that comes complete with rotating floor; giving everyone a true 360 degree panoramic view as we ascend to the summit!

Check the cloud cover! Table Mountain was the only part of Cape Town basking in sunlight!
Once on top, everyone was allowed to navigate at their own pace and leisure and soak up the truly exquisite and captivating views! The treasure maps are ideal for younger kids, but my bigger two preferred to soak up the scenery, clamber up boulders and take selfies and pictures that were worthy enough for Instagram! Experiencing it all under slightly chilly circumstances made for some really awesome images too! I had to literally sift through hundreds to choose these few favourites of the day.

It seemed like a good pose at the time
Naani enjoying the sights




After a quick pit stop at the café for lunch, we made our way to the newly opened WIFI lounge which comes complete and fully equipped with comfy sofas, plug points and USB cables for cell phones and cameras and FREE WIFI ! We even managed to win the most delicious Fudge for most original image 🙂 Though the kids have been up before with my sister ( read here), it was a first for us and certainly a memorable experience to share with their Grandma.

Our winning pic!
The Table Mountain Aerial Cable Way has made all of this a little more attainable for everyone to experience with the #KidzSeason special. Here’s what you need to know:
  • If you have more than one child (or nephews, nieces and grandkids) then take advantage of the annual 3 for 1 #KidzSeason special. 2 kids ride for FREE with an adult who has purchased a return ticket. This way, the whole family can join the fun!

  • This offer is available annually from 1 May until 30 September on weekends, public holidays and during the June/July school holidays.

  • From 1 June, tickets for the #KidzSeason will be available online.

  • There’s a free shuttle, My Citi bus that leaves every 20 minutes from Lower Tafelberg roads, making it easy and convenient. The same bus will transport you back at the end of your outing.

  • Check their Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay updated with weather conditions if and when you decide to go. 
Zee gives the outing a double thumbs up!

Until our next adventure!
Thanks for reading,
*Our tickets and meal was fully sponsored by the Table Mountain Aerial Cable Way.

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