15 Things I Love About You – A Message to my Son on his 15th Birthday

Nothing reaffirms the quick passing of time quite like a birthday. We’re barely done celebrating the passing of a year, and then as quickly as we have arrived at it, we’re are swept away under the current of being busy and arrive swiftly at the next…without much thought and pondering – unless of course, you are a mother. Mothers approach each passing year with a mild desperation and need to hold on – to the memories of the people their children used to be before they grow up to be the person they’re destined to be. And here you are, already almost there at 15!

I know that a lot of the time, you kids think I’m too distracted by the humdrum of everyday life to notice much of anything about you. But you’d be surprised at how rhythmically a mothers heart beats with that of her children. I was present and observant through all the big and noticeable growth spurts, milestones and developments. The first teeth, first words and first steps. Your early days at school and all of your concerts. I watched with amazement as you reached eye level with me, and then just as suddenly, completely surpassed me in height. And I watch you still. I notice all the nuances as you evolve – as you plod along discovering what your destiny has in store for you. And you will never know with how much longing and sadness I silently watch you grow as I try to steer and safeguard you as you constantly get shaped into the person you’re destined to be.

Being your mother has been the greatest privilege. You have challenged all my ideas and notions of parenting. Pushed every button and worked on every last nerve – but you have also propelled me to dig a little bit deeper and in so doing, also made me become a better parent. You asked me a while ago how it is that I manage to write an entirely different birthday story each and every year…whether my feelings toward you isn’t the same as it’s always been; and the answer to that is a little complicated. Every year, since you were born, I watched you grow in awe. You weren’t a text book baby – you did things in your own stride and you still do. And every year, as I watched you conquer new things, my heart has stretched and grown and swells with pride. You, my child, are a masterpiece in progress. And while my love for you will always be constant and unwavering, I will continue to write these stories as a means to celebrate all your strengths and milestones and all of who you are.

And this year, to celebrate you turning 15, I’ve compiled a list of 15 things I love about you <3

  • What I probably love most about you, is your sunny disposition and constant good mood. You’re always happy and seem quite oblivious to external negativity. If I could bottle your infectious spirit and spritz it on myself and into the universe every morning, I would!


  • Another trademark trait is your playful sense of humour and your wry and witty one liners. You are fun to be around and there’s never a dull moment with you in our lives.


  • I love that you’re always helpful without me having to ask for help.


  • You definitely don’t get it from me, but I do think it’s rather cute how organised and structured you are 🙂


  • I love that you’re always kind and respectful to your elders, and show a great deal of compassion for the poor. These are traits that will carry you far in life.


  • Coming from a fellow hard core (and recovering) sugar addict,  I love the commitment you’ve shown to cutting out the junk and sticking to eating healthier. Obviously inspired by the Queen herself (Appa), but watching you inspires me to try harder myself.


  • I love how tall and lanky you are! It’s especially handy when we go shopping and I need something from those hard to reach areas us short people can’t access 😉


  • I love how you ooze self-confidence. You have a commanding presence that comes from completely owning who you are and believing in every inch yourself. In a world where self doubt and searching for external validation reigns supreme , you have mastered the art of loving yourself and I love that!


  • With that being said, I love that you’re also becoming more open to criticism and no longer see it as an attack on who you are, but rather as a means to develop and grow.


  • I love that you’re self driven and motivated when it comes to pursuing your passion (currently MMA and the post school CA degree).


  • I like that you like nice things, but never demand them. Work for those extras in life kiddo!


  • I love that you have a sensitive side. Sometimes you’re oblivious to the world around you because of that happy bubble you live in. But sometimes you remind me of the softness of your heart and it makes my eyes tear up and my heart want to jump out of my chest.


  • I love that you still sometimes need me – even if it is to explain the shittiest section in natural science (circuits) and especially when it comes to analysing English literature. Also, I don’t mind making your oats every single morning 🙂


  • I love the relationship you have with your siblings! You’re the resident bully, but boy oh boy am I proud of the relationships you share. You and Appa have been inseparable since birth and you’re the only entity that can enhance her mood… and even though you drive me batty when you wind Zee up, those moments you invest in him when you guys wrestle and play Clash Royale makes me swoon.


  • I love and admire the bond you have with your dad – NAH I’m just kidding! I birthed you so you’re under obligation to love me more for all eternity!!! But seriously, I love that you’re a family guy. That you WANT to be with us and that you choose to be with your family <3


You were born at a time when my life was a little turbulent and ever since your arrival you have been a major source of light and joy. You are a constant reminder that wonderful things come out of the most turbulent times. You are a gift and a blessing and I love you with all my heart! I’m so proud to be your mom!



Happy 15th Birthday Rocky!


Love you forever & always,



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