My Summer Holiday Survival Guide!

Alas, my stint as a taxi driver, tutor and part-time chef has come to an end. My current employment is a little bit more taxing…For the next 5 weeks, my job description includes being Butler, Chauffeur, FULL TIME Chef ( includes 3 meals plus snacks), events coordinator and referee to 3 monsters kids!!! And let me tell you, toilet breaks are not scheduled into this contract!

Over the past few years I have learnt a couple of survival tactics, and entered this years festive season mayhem, a little bit more prepared. Having been previously tortured by the perils of extremely bored kids; I have come up with a survival guide to get through it relatively unscathed…


Swimming pool in the garden….Best. Thing. EVER! It is one of those increasingly rare occasions, where all the kids are getting along…As soon as the going gets tough, “Who wants to swim?” seems to solve all my problems!! Also a perfect time to put feet up, drink a cup of coffee in peace, and take that much needed (quick) trip to the bathroom (This post was written while kids were in the pool). Swim time = rest time = most of the day! With  this though, comes the 11am-3pm madness…. the no swimming between these hours rule, means that the entire days moaning, arguing, starvation and complaining about the heat happens in these 4hrs…Enough said.

Outdoor Activities

Here again…Take them to a venue. Something that is preferably free (My favourite place is the Urban Park in Greenpoint). Let them run free and explore; while keeping a watchful eye at a safe distance of course! It’s a win-win for all parties involved. Good to take a friend along to catch up on Skinner (gossip). Come home. Swim. Equals more relax time!


Now…2013…and almost all of them grown past me!

Hikes are a good way of depleting energy too!

Actively Involved Aunts!

Aaaaah! Possibly my favourite option. This is where generous aunts are on leave and  are coaxed into offer to take your kids for the entire DAY!! And you gladly oblige their humble request, and politely decline to join because you…like…have a ton of things to do…like RELAX!

Ratanga Junction ritual
 Canal Walks annual ice feature!
 Wheel of excellence…
Constantia Nek hiking trail
Grandma does more than her fair share too! 

Convince Husband to Braai

Which is often in Summer, and also means escaping from making one whole meal for the day!! Cos he does the braaing around here…and I, well….Relax! Hooray for Woolies Salads and ready made everything!

Family and Friends

Remember the good old days, where we would spend hours playing outside with the neighbourhood kids? Our neighbourhood is pretty old school like that. My kids have endless fun cycling, playing hide and seek etc. with the neighbours; and also their cousins, who are permanent fixtures in my home during the holiday! This also, obviously keeps the kids busy , and gives me time to…erm…RELAX!


This pic says it all! Check the background 😉


But Ssshhhh….don’t tell husband. Holidays are hard work and pretty exhausting 😉

Hope all of you have a holiday plan too!

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