Inspired by an Angel

Blogging for me has always been an expression of my own personal journey. From life lessons, to parenting woes and preserving my memories with my family; it has been a journey of self growth and evolution. And though I mainly document my internal growth and feelings, I have also been touched and inspired by so many people I’ve met along this journey in the most unexpected of ways! In a world where bitchiness and back stabbing reigns supreme, I am glad to have connected with truly inspiring beings who have helped me with my evolution.
I have always used motherhood as an excuse for many things…I wore the title as a noose around my neck and it handicapped my own progress. It took precedence over a lot of things, including the way I dressed and groomed myself…the way I portrayed myself to the world. But I now realise that the external was really a reflection of  what was going on in the inside.
A good friend and fellow blogger, Rushda from RuBe’s Closet, has been pivotal in inspiring me to step up my fashion game, dress up again and stop hiding behind my Mom status. She has taught me that fashion has no rules, that there is no sin in a mom dressing well, and that it’s possible for comfort and glamour to collide!
Now, I’m first to admit that I’m no fashionista…though I do pride myself on being able to pull myself together when need be! So I was particularly chuffed when I made the exact same purchase as my favourite fashion blogger late last year. We decided to do a friendly collaboration to show that it is possible for friendships to exist in the bloggesphere and also show how individuality affects fashion. The same piece of clothing can be styled in endless ways depending on the person and your mood.
 I suppose this sequins top is symbolic of my new frame of mind. In a way it reflects how I feel on the inside! Traditionally, I would wear this with heels to a function or a night out, but if life has taught me anything it’s that rules don’t apply to fashion. Combining sneakers with this look was an extremely liberating experience for me! For me it was more than just a fashion statement, it was a Life statement…breaking free from tradition and finding my own identity through it all… 
I’ve enclosed both versions of how I styled this look, as both reflects my evolving personal style.
Image: My own
Image: My own
(image: my own) For a formal function I dressed it up with a silk pants and heels.
Don’t forget to stop by Rushda’s blog to see her take on the same Sequins Top  here
About this look :
Sequins top: Local designer, Ayshah for Human Image
Black jegging: H&M
Black heels : Woolworths
Sneakers : Addidas Superstars
Silk pants: had it made
Photography : 2Cherries Photography
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