Trip to the Top

Summer is on it’s way and I simply cannot wait!! Once the temperature starts to rise and the year starts to draw to an end, I mentally start to wind down in anticipation of the fabulous, carefree weeks that lie ahead. There’s really nothing more beautiful than my home city in full splendour during the Summer time…and Cape Town has really been showing off lately! We are on the cusp of a brand new season and with the temperatures beginning to soar, it’s really been impossible to stay confined indoors!

Last year I wrote this Summer Holiday Survival Guide …(you might want to have a look as we head into the festive season) and this past weekend I totally took advantage of option number three when Moon offered to take the kids to Table Mountain! Moon has always been the young, carefree Aunt and was used to seeing the kids almost everyday before she got married but hasn’t really had an outing opportunity like this since her wedding. So this adventure was long overdue….and naturally welcomed by me!! It has been on little Zee’s wish list that his beloved Aunt take him on this trip to the top…needless to say, he was thrilled and beaming from ear to ear that his little adventure was finally happening!

We have this little thing that we do at the end of each day where each person gets a chance to say what the best part of their day was. It’s a great way to recap and reflect  on the day and also teach the kids to always look for positivity in all that we do…and to pause, ponder and show gratitude for our blessings. The kids found it hard to choose one specific highlight and amongst the flurry of jumbled words and intermingled voices, all fighting for a chance to be the first to have their say, I managed to filter out a few of the highlights of the day!

From the treasure hunt, adventures on the rocks, the freedom to explore, spotting some Dassies, lizards and bugs; spectacular views, the perfect backdrop for selfies (for the girls of course) and their own private Nat Geo tour (by Uncle Nur), it was extremely difficult to decide. The was a lot of information to absorb, but for little Zee it was an easy choice….just as he was settling in for the night, he opened his tired little eyes to proclaim his favourite part of the day was adventure time with his Uncle (AWWWW) ! Clearly his first journey to the top of iconic Table Mountain was unforgettable.

Here is a picture roundup of their favourite moments…

Are we there yet !?
Favourite Uncle <3

Zee couldn’t wait to get started on the treasure hunt!

The treasure was a Dassie biscuit
They thoroughly enjoyed all their close encounters with all sorts of animals

I would’ve just gone in my tracksuit and takkies….but Moon does everything in style!
Look quickly and this looks like me…

Taking pictures of my self, self, self….
Captivating views from all angles
My favourite picture of the day #tablemountainselfie 😉
Eternally grateful to my family for all that they do for my kids!
Thanks for reading today…

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