Preserving our Memories with 2Cherries Photography

Memories are such an important part of our lives! In memories we find little pieces of our childhood…get reacquainted with old friends…we get lost in our teenage years…we fall in love all over again…we capture our youth…our firsts (steps…baby…home). We simply remember a time that has passed too quickly; a time worth remembering!

Some might say that I hang too long onto special moments. That by trying to encapsulate it’s essence, I am losing out on the moment. But a mother knows that childhood is fleeting and that the millions of memories and magical moments in between would be lost if we didn’t make some kind of effort to preserve them. A mother will paint an elaborate childhood for her kids, capturing all the highs with painstaking effort…frozen smiles and loving embraces…it’s the moments that make her journey worthwhile!

My own childhood is trapped in the pages of numerous photo albums…Big moments like Birthdays, Eids, Graduations, Holidays (and our ugly phases)…and some of the seemingly insignificant ones…cycling, rollerblading, swimming in our backyard and climbing mountains… all bound together with love and fondness that had my mom not paused to capture it, I doubt we would remember it at all.

It’s why I try so hard to do the same, but as a mother who is frantically trying to capture everything, I often get left behind the lens. It’s why I started this blog; combining pictures and words to fully preserve my feelings and emotions in a constantly changing landscape. It’s why I work so tirelessly to write these notes  to my family, my children; so that one day, when their memories may fail them, they have this carefully curated treasures to help them remember…

Audrey and Benita from 2Cherries Photography understand fully the importance of preserving memories! Family ties are as important to them as it is to us. They do in pictures what I do in words…they preserve special memories!! They’ve made their livelihood out of capturing special moments while we get to live them. They’ve been trusted by brides on their biggest day, new mothers bonding with their babies, children’s portraits at their cutest and most loveable stage and tender moments between couples…and now we’ve entrusted them with capturing our little family and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome!

It’s really great when photographers are funny and encouraging and down to earth! The way they put you at ease as if you are standing in front of an old friend! It really shows in the images and the 2Cherries really managed to captured the best parts of my family! There was no sign of a moody teen or awkward tween and even camera shy husband rose to the occasion thanks to the pleasant personalities of Audrey and Benita!

Each picture tells a story; of love, friendship, bonds between siblings, a first time mom and the love of a grandmother. Each photo has encapsulated our present moment…frozen smiles and happy hearts…these pictures tell the story of our Family! Childhood may be fleeting and memories are unreliable, but images last a lifetime!

Meet the ladies behind 2Cherries and take a look at a few of my favourite pics!

Meet the 2Cherries Audrey and Benita <3


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