Cape Town Mom Blogger Meet Up

I can’t believe we are on the verge of entering a brand new month! It feels like the year has barely started and already we have reached the end of the first school term. I must admit, I have found my motherly duties extra overwhelming this year. It could be due to the fact that the older kids are entering a new and unfamiliar phase in their life and I’m feeling like I am navigating new and undiscovered territory having to mother them through it all…Which made the Cape Town Mom Blog Meet Up a few weeks ago, a welcomed reprieve from all the chaos!

I’ve always felt a little awkward attending events, but nothing bonds people together quite like shared experiences in motherhood. Conversations are easy to start and hard to end and one almost always leaves the company slightly wiser than you were before. Nobody understands the journey and sacrifices of a mother quite like another mother, and for once I attended an event where there was no awkwardness as we all relished in the comfort of our mutual struggles and experiences, glad to be having a break from it all!

Supermom, Cindy Alfino, managed to find time to co-ordinate this event, despite being a mom to three young kids, which makes me feel ever so slightly inadequate for only finding the time to blog about it a month later… and just about managing to get it posted before the next meet up is SOLD OUT!

The event was held at the very cosy Graze in Kenilworth, which afforded me the opportunity to network with other mom bloggers and gain some insight from guest speaker Nikki Lincoln on how to improve my blog. And though I walked away from this event richer in friendships and knowledge, I’m ever so grateful to the sponsors of the event who managed to fill our hands with spoils and gifts too…

What I wore

I was late and missed the first course…but this was my main meal…and yes, I ate the croissant!

Some of the beautiful, young moms! I was an ‘older’ mom!

Finally got to meet Fazila (right) in person!

With the beautiful Cindy

Spoils from MRP…personalised and perfectly wrapped winter wardrobe essentials for my kids! All 3 of them 🙂
 Thanks for reading!



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