Faux Fur for a Faux Autumn

I love the interludes between seasons…the way Summer lingers around that much longer before Autumn…The way Winter gradually gives way to Spring. The way our wardrobes go through a gradual transition with the changing weather. I love that our Summer wardrobes are usually still relevant a month later with the help of light layering…And that we get to peel away the layers of our Winter warmers as we embrace Spring!

But this year there has been no gradual change! There has been no prolonged Summer. No transition. Just a sudden abandonment… and in it’s wake…in all the places that Summer used to linger…is a frosty chill (and a couple of rain storms) that has had me heading for some warmer layers a little sooner than I thought!

In a time of year where the weather is temperamental and unpredictable, clever layering is key! It helps to have a few classic staples in the wardrobe that stays in style for more than one season and that can be spiced up with a few key seasonal trends and accessories. Here Moon has transformed an all black ensemble and taken the look from classic, to fabulous and trendy, with the help of a statement neck piece, accessories and a fur sleeveless vest (which comes with detachable leather sleeves). A lighter weight dress with the layered fur vest, makes it easy to peel away and add on as we adjust to the mood swings of the weather. And with just a change of a few key elements like accessories and jacket, this look can also so easily be transformed into a whole new outfit!

Outfit Details :
Dress, tights and boots : Woolworths
Fur vest  (with detachable sleeves): Guess
Jewels : various 
Thanks for reading!

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