Dash Studio Makeup Workshop

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for anyone with a skill and looking for a way to grow their brand and their business. Back in the day, it was difficult to get your name out there and become recognised for your craft, especially if you took a career path that strayed from the conventional. So it has been great to see how social media has transformed the way we do business and also helped small business owners with a more creative flair to flourish and grow! It’s given these individuals a visual platform to display their honed skills and talents and made their skills more accessible to everyone! I mention this because, without the power of social media, I might never have heard of DASH  STUDIO, let alone sit in one of her coveted makeup workshops and learn from one of the best at her craft!!!

One only needs to browse through her Instagram feed to see that she might well have been born with makeup brushes and an eyeshadow palette in her hand! Looking like a true Bollywood princess herself, I don’t think it’s any wonder why I would be totally obsessed with this makeup guru. What’s even better, is that every once in a while, she hosts makeup workshops to share her knowledge and skill with those wanting to learn a few key tricks, as well as tips on how to execute the latest makeup trends to help us along the way.

Makeup workshops are great for everyone; from the beginner, wanting to learn the basics; to someone more experienced, looking to enhance their skills and learn the latest techniques.It’s great to have your makeup done FOR you every once in a while; but it’s even better being able to do it by yourslef whenever you want and these workshops are a great platform to learn how from the best.

I confess to going bare face most of the week and I have no problem letting my freckles show. Being a mom to a daughter, I feel it’s important, in a world obsessed with aesthetics, to show her to be comfortable in one’s own skin… but being able to glam up every now and again definitely makes one feel good too!  Although I think I do a fair enough job of applying my own makeup, I haven’t quite caught up to all the latest tricks and techniques. Sometimes I feel as though trends are evolving at such a rapid rate, that before I can master one makeup trend, there’s another one already taking it’s place. Non the less, I think it’s important for a woman to know a little bit about makeup so that she feels empowered enough to do it herself whenever she feels like it.

For some one still hanging on to old school trends, I found the workshop to be a good opportunity to update my skills. I left there feeling a lot more confident about contouring and highlighting, and was pleased that even though I had my makeup done, I still looked like myself…if only just a little enhanced 😉 I’m not going to be contouring myself to the point that I’m unrecognisable, but I feel a bit more confident that I now have the tools to do things by myself whenever I want.

The beautiful Tasleem…owner of DASH STUDIO 
Our tools for the day
Only a fraction of her makeup collection 😲
Gorgeous model for the day
Showing us how to create a day look
Midway through we stopped for breakfast and treats
Next up, we were shown how to transform the day look into a glam evening look

Then it was time to put what we learnt to the test
Getting my makeup done by the guru herself
How gorgeous isn’t she 😍
My date night makeup courtesy of DASH STUDIO 
You can follow Dash Studio on Instagram and Facebook for updates on the next workshop.
You can also contact her via whatsapp or email for any of your makeup needs
Email: taz@dashstudio.co.za
Phone: 082 378 9819
Book her for your wedding makeup…and if you want a true Bollywood affair, she has a special Bollywood package running with her brother!
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