Zaydaan’s Birthday Celebration with Split Second Science

Kids wait all year for their birthdays to roll in and look forward to a little bit of fussing and some sort of celebration to make them feel special on that day. So when it comes to that time of year for my kids, without being too extravagant, I try and make it a day to remember and as special as I can for each of them. With a host of themes and party inspiration sprawled all over the internet these days, it’s easy to get carried away with parties that are completely  over the top and crazy expensive. So I generally try and keep things simple, while still trying to incorporate their keen interests into the celebration without getting too carried away.

Zaydaan has always been a bit of a thinker and has never outgrown his incessant need to ask a million questions at the most random times. Things like if there’s more animals than humans on the planet, and if so, what is the ratio? Who even thinks of questions like that (besides his cousin, Abdur Raaziq)?  He has always had a enquiring mind and most times I am ill equipped to engage in conversation because I just don’t have the answers. He’s definitely the mad scientist of the family, and that’s why I knew that a party with Split Second Science was just the thing for him!



Wondering what Split Second Science is all about? Split Second Science hosts and facilitates parties, science shows and workshops aimed at generating a scientific curiosity in children and teenagers, through edutainment.  60 minutes of non-stop science fun with a first-aid qualified scientist to guide them through the experiments, take on all the questions and give my ears a break; was a fun prospect for both me and him!


The great thing about Split Second Science is that they’re completely mobile, so they come to you! They provide tables and chairs as well as lab coats and gloves and also the DIY science kit. Each kit contains three experiments with the required chemicals and equipment to make their own sherbet, lava lamp and goo. The experiments are taken home in a party pack and can be used multiple times. The birthday parties are tailor made to your child’s specific age group and provide children (age 7+) with 60 minutes of non-stop science fun and they even clean up once everything is done – giving parents the opportunity to enjoy the party as much as the children.




The whole experience was so refreshing and WOWED all who were present! It was interactive and engaging, and the kids were completely mesmerised for the entire duration of the party activity! Felix, the creative scientist taking the kids through the motions for the day; was warm, humorous, encouraging and engaging with the kids and had them completely engrossed in all the activities  from beginning to end. It was really a memorable experience that genuinely satisfied the curiosity of Zaydaan and his crew of friends – and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction to seeing my child utterly enthralled by it all. It was so worth it!

About this video : The video is a memory of the day in motion and really encapsulates the delight on the kids’ faces as they got to touch, taste, smell and feel their way through an hour of non stop fun and edutainment 🙂

Thanks, Felix and Split Second Science, for making my child’s day so memorable!




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