Awards – Liebster With a Twist

I have received so many of these awards over the past one and a half years of blogging and really, it is such an honour to be thought of and considered by someone else in the blogging sphere! The aim of these awards is to shine the spotlight on newbie bloggers with the idea of widening their audience. Since I’ve been nominated on numerous occasions, I have decided to do things a little differently this time…

I do follow lots of blogs, but hardly any of them would classify as new…but because I strongly believe in the gesture of spreading love in the blogging world, I decided to honour the ladies who have nominated me and do a link up to 2 new blogs that I have discovered recently and who I feel certainly deserves some attention.

 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House


Cindy  set some really (REALLY) hard questions that seemed impossible to answer! She is a young mom of three gorgeous kids (honestly, the most gorgeous family on the internet) and like me, her blog is very family oriented, but it’s her writing style that keeps me going back over and over again! Cindy certainly has a way with words! 3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House  is one of the few places left on the web where the reality that is life is not viewed through rose tinted glasses, but rather delivered with wit and a good dose of humour!

Just Ella Bella


Eleanor set some easier questions but gave an option as to whether or not I wanted to answer them. She is another mom blogger who is living out my dream job (journalist) and keeps me thoroughly entertained with her quirk and wit induced posts as she writes about being mom to little Aidan! She does stimulate some tears now and again as she touches on more personal topics too.  Eleanor’s vivacious personality jumps right out at you! With her curly mane and great sense of humour, it’s hard not to like this charismatic blogger…or her cute little tot!
Chasing Dreams
Who says life comes to a screeching halt once you become a mother! Fazila turns that theory on it’s head by fighting harder than ever to hold on to her identity. Using her maternity leave to study a course in personal training; motherhood has only spurred this lady to into, well… chasing her dreams. Health and fitness freak, this supermom has lost almost 16 kilos in a record time after having her baby girl and uses her blog as a means to share tips and inspiration to help us achieve the same goal.
Tulips & Phoenix’s
Fashion blogging sometimes gets a lot of flack for being narcissistic and superficial. Very rarely do people get the combination of words and pictures quite right and in this fast growing industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. But honesty and authenticity draws me in like a moth to a flame. Tulips and Phoenix’s is unpretentious. This young lady expresses her personal style and combines her love for words in an effortless manner!  

 Hope you hop over and view all the hard work these ladies plough into their blogs!
Thanks for Reading!

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