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When the kids were very young, there were countless indoor play arenas to keep them entertained and out of my hair…even just for a tiny bit of time in order to get my sanity back. As they outgrew these venues, keeping them entertained in unfavourable weather was…well…unfavourable!! The cabin fever would give way to petty arguments and my sanity would quickly escalate towards insanity! There was very little to do besides battle it out until the warmer weather made it’s grand entrance so that we could make a grand exit into the great outdoors and find a way for the kids to use up all their energy.

But when you have a crew of kids of varying ages, it’s sometimes difficult to find an entertainment venue that’s suitable for ALL of them. And because so much of our life revolves around the entire family (sisters and kids…and grandparents too), more often than not, we are an entourage of 7 or more kids… ranging from the ages of 19 to 9 months!! So you will understand my plight just a little bit when planning an outing that is suitable for everyone to enjoy. That’s probably why I felt like the celestial heavens opened and my prayers were answered when I heard about the new be.UP Park in Pinelands.

The massive warehouse includes the biggest kids maze around, with 5 levels of pure enjoyment for the younger kids! Ball pit, zip line, slides, a mini soccer court and so much more; the youngest of the troop will be more than entertained!

Be.UP Park also boasts several climbing walls of varying  difficulty levels to challenge and thrill everyone. From the adventurous to the beginner…Everyone will be entertained! And if that isn’t enough to tire out the kids, then the hour play time on the trampolines and suspended obstacle course most certainly will!! Helpful staff are hands on in making sure kids are equipped with necessary safety gear and make sure things run smoothly.

There’s a café with free Wi-Fi on the top deck that overlooks the entire area giving parents a birds eye view and making it easy to keep a watchful eye on the kids while still relaxing and having some time to yourself….or if you prefer, you could join in the fun too, but be warned, there’s a reason we bring kids to places like these – cos it saps all the energy out of you!! So be careful how you choose to spend your time 😉 The easy accessible plug points and flat screen TV will make the decision easy for you!

Overall, it was a fantastic experience! What sets be.UP Park apart from other indoor venues is that it boasts an array of fun and adventurous activities all under one roof and really aims to include every age group in it’s design, layout and set up.  With so many varying activities to keep the  whole troop  entertained; I have a feeling that be.UP Park will quickly become THE ultimate hangout spot for the entire family! 

The cost of the outing is not exactly cheap, but you do get a lot on offer for the money you spend, making it exceptionally worthwhile. Be.UP Park does, however, offer special prices for larger groups and discounted prices if you present a student card. Booking a timeslot for your visit  is essential! For more information on prices and group/party packages; visit the be.UP Park website … In the meantime, have a look at the video of our be.UP experience and see what all the fuss is about!

Video compiled by : Waseem Royker
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