What makes you Beautiful – Feauturing Lee-Ann

Lee-Ann and I attended school together and although we were in different classes and had a different circle of friends, she was one of those girls, through passing each other in corridors on the way to classes, that you couldn’t help but like. Always smiling, pleasant and had a positive word to say. But our paths diverged when high school ended. Not bound by memories or the empty promises of not allowing distance to ravage our bond ….no more than passing ships in the same ocean.
Fast forward a decade and some years, and thanks to the introduction of Internet and Facebook…old school friends and passers by were reunited! Albeit with extra baggage (kids) and kilos. We spoke more to each other in this cyber reality than we ever did before. We bonded over kids pictures and parenting dilemma’s and got to know each other better. That’s how I was reintroduced to Lee-Ann. As a loving mom to a son, Deen. 
What I didn’t know at the time, was that Deen was not her biological son, that she suffered severe endometriosis, that she was told she might never have kids of her own. It seemed an unfair fate to befall someone with the biggest heart!!
So, what makes Lee-Ann beautiful to me? Some things are destined for our paths merely as a test. How we conquer these tests will determine our reward…Lee-Ann is one of those rare humans who sees beyond religion and race, and sees one Humanity. I have come to know her as someone who is always supportive, kind and compassionate, and always ready with an encouraging word. She is sensitive to animal cruelty as much as she is to human suffering…if she could help everyone on the planet, she would!  But what makes her most beautiful of all is her big and generous heart that had enough space to house some love and affection for a small, innocent child. Lee-Ann is proof that you don’t have to give birth to someone in order to nurture, love and care. She has taught me that Biology has nothing to do with being a mother, that motherhood is what happens after birth! It takes a mother to recognise mother’s love and Lee-Ann is a mother to Deen in every respect! I think it’s one of the biggest reasons she defeated the odds. Why God blessed her with another child, took her through the biological process, and blessed her with a little girl to make her family complete…
So, Lee-Ann, what makes you beautiful?
Wow! This is probably the 20th time I am typing, deleting and re-typing what is supposed to be the start of this paragraph. I am finding it so difficult to answer the question about what makes me beautiful. My first thought was, “Me?” “Really?”. I have struggled with my ‘beauty’ since having my daughter 8 months ago. I’ve just not felt it. At all. So, I asked my 8 year old step-son what he thought made me beautiful, and his response was the most amazing part of my day. “Everything”, he said. “From the way you dress, to your hair. Even if your hair isn’t growing fast enough. It’s even the way you walk Annie”. I was blown away. And then it hit me. I am a Mom. A biological Mom. But it is more the fact that I love someone else’s child as my own, that makes me beautiful. The unconditional bond I have developed with this amazing little boy, brings out whatever beauty I hold within me. So, in a nutshell, it is HE who makes me feel beautiful and who makes me see that even though I feel like complete crap most days, what he sees is someone with “shiny hair” and who “doesn’t wear a lot of make-up like Lady Gaga”. Being a Step-Mom, a totally committed and dedicated Step-Mom… That is what makes ME (yes me) beautiful.

Lee-Ann says that this moment…the moment before the birth of her daughter, is when she felt most beautiful!
You are a beautiful spirit Lee-Ann and I am blessed to know you!
Thanks for reading!


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