Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic Opening

Ageing is a natural and inevitable process of life. We crawl, we walk, we run, we reach adulthood, our prime…and then we make the gradual decline towards old age and frailty. When I was younger, I always envisioned myself facing age without a fight! I Accepted my inevitable fate of grey hairs and wrinkles before they even arrived. But now that I’ve reached that age where the tell tale signs are beginning to surface and I find myself face to face with that very fate, I’m not so sure I’m ready to lie down and let it ravage me just yet. I’m still not afraid of getting old, but I’m all for preserving, maintaining, looking after what I have. I’m not afraid of ageing, but there’s certainly no harm in ageing well!
The world of beauty and aesthetics is constantly evolving. Every year, new products and technologies emerge to help us combat and minimise the signs and effects of the ageing process. The quest for eternal youth may be futile…but the quest for warding of and prolonging the ageing process may be closer than ever before.
This past weekend I attended the opening of  Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic,  located in Wynberg, which specialises in a new generation of anti-ageing skin care! Housing technology of the global leaders in advanced clinical skin care, Bio-Therapeutic, the event was an extremely informative one, especially for someone like me who is fighting off Father Time by ploughing a bit more effort into my skin care regime. Bio-Therapeutic is a non-invasive, technology based skin care system and is said to be the ultimate solution to looking younger WITHOUT the surgery. Now, who wouldn’t be excited about that?!?

What appeals to me most is that treatments do not involve any harsh and abrasive chemical peels. No down time is required after treatments at all!  Bio-Therapeutic uses a variety of devices and systems to improve skin conditions by lifting, toning and firming facial muscles and easing out fine lines, thus drastically reducing the signs of ageing, delivering superior results that conventional skin care methods alone cannot achieve. As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing” and the live demonstration that took place at the event showed us exactly how effective this technology really is! Results were instantly visible, which makes me very eager to try this out for myself.

The event itself was so well organised! Director of the Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic, Nadhiya, whose flawless and radiant skin is proof of the effectiveness of her treatments and products,  did an amazing job in hosting us for the morning in what was a perfect, picturesque little garden setting! The weather behaved, food was fantastic and the company was great! The beautiful Qaanita from ONQ Makeup was also on standby to give guests mini make-up makeovers. Definitely a morning well spent!

With all the revolutionary anti-ageing techniques and technology making it’s way to our shores, it’s important not to lose perspective of our natural journey. There is beauty in ageing, though sometimes we may not see it. Ageing is a way of ridding ourselves of vanity. As the clock ticks, life hands us the tools to shine from within. With every wrinkle and grey hair earned; through acceptance; we get stripped from vanity, our exterior veil, our shell. As much as I intend to look after my skin as best as I can, I can only hope that one day when I’m old and grey….once there is only a shroud of mortality left…I am more beautiful than I’ve ever been…

Partner in crime for the event was Moon 🙂
Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic is situated on the corner of Riverstone and Remington road, Wynberg. Nadhiya’s room is housed on the same premises as her Orthodontist husband, which features a lush and tranquil garden…perfect for a morning of unwinding and some rejuvenation treatment! 



Catching up with Rushda



The event was catered by Green Caterers, but the menu was selected by Nadhiya herself. Each item on the menu is symbolic of her travels around the world! Her journey has led her full circle to this point…I just love it!

How cute are these menu boards??


My favourite of the day



Everything about this consultation area is stylish and chic! The colour choices and the details in the décor create a calm and tranquil ambiance which ties in so well to the aspect of rejuvenation…

Just outside the consultation room is this beautiful garden. Naturally we stopped for a few pics!
Love Moon’s modest take on the Crop Top trend…

Love that I have sisters I can borrow from! Thanks for the bag Deed 🙂
I love that there was a live demonstration. What better way to inform guests about your product and brand, than by showing them first hand!! And the ladies behind the brand certainly showed off flawless skin too, making it an easy choice for me to give the treatments a try.
The beautiful Nadhiya

Look at their glowing, healthy, youthful looking skin!


Nadhiya and the stunning Qaanita from ONQ makeup


I felt so short! Forced to wear flats since my ankle is still not healed!
If you are interested in finding out more or booking a treatment session, then contact
Nadhiya at 076 680 1199
Thanks for reading!


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