A Message for my Mother

I wanted you to know how much you mean to me, but just this once it seems my words can’t do justice…
I don’t think I realised all you have done until the day I became a mother too, and I often wonder as I’m sure you do too, if my kids will ever know how much they mean to me… Today, mom, I wonder if you know what YOU mean to ME!
I know I’m not the perfect daughter, often making mistakes too,
But I wouldn’t be half the person I am today,
Without a push and shove from you
I know that over the years I’ve grown big and tall,
But in my heart of hearts I’ll always be your little girl
Today I run my own home, mother to my own brood,
But never have I felt more at home, than in my mother’s room
My cooking may sometimes be different or a little better too…
But nothing tastes yummier to me,
Than when it’s coming from you
I take comfort in your voice and our many chats,
I know each day I can do that still
Is a blessing to the max
You laugh you scold, and guide and play
And I’m grateful I still have you
Each and every day
Today I’m a mother too,
Helped along largely by you…
There are certain things I could never be
If you weren’t there to see
When I look in the mirror these days,
It seems like you’re staring back
And I hope I resemble you indeed
In more ways than that
I hope to be the mother to my kids
That you have been to me,
And all that I do for you,
Is in the hope, that someday when I’m old and grey,
My kids would do it for me too

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